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Dana: In the past few years, I had lost quite a bit of weight with diet and exercise. My sister-in-law messaged me one day and told me that she thought I should try competing. I told her there was NO WAY I could do the diet. But the idea stuck in my head and I started researching and then went to local show to watch. Once I saw what was involved, I decided it would be a great challenge for me.

My diet doesn't change much in my off season. I am very close to stage weight year round. I find it healthier for my physical and mental well being. I prefer the high protein and low starch diet for competition prep. It helps me burn off the most fat in the quickest amount of time. I have only used the meal plan provided by my trainer Shane Heugly and I have found it to be VERY effective. In my off season, there are more options for starches like rice, potatoes and Quest bars. While I'm in prep we take those out. I always keep my protein high which helps keep me full and keeps my body burning. I also get "cheat meals" once a week which are a necessity for my sanity.

In competition prep, I do a lot of cardio. I use a DVD work out series called The Firm. I also use the treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical, and walking outside on trails. Anything to keep my heart rate Up UP UP. I push myself hard and my diet, although low in calories, is enough to have a healthy balance. It's not easy though.

I have always performed to some degree on a stage. I have been a singer and ballroom dancer in my past life. I LOVE to be on stage and this was just a perfect avenue for my love of performing.

I actually detest working out and my meal plan in general. I would much rather be lazy and eat what I want. However, I put in the work because my favorite part of competing is the day before and the day of the competition. I'm usually a total spaz and full of energy at check ins. Normally my name is NOT pronounced correctly and I make a big joke about it when they announce it to give me my number at check ins. I try to laugh and tease and joke with the other competitors because I think it makes everyone more at ease if they know we are all human. Pros are just people too. We are not mythical god-like creatures. We all have insecurities and doubts. So I usually go into that final stretch giggling because I have done all the work I can and it's in the judges hands. I can't control their opinions.

Since I'm doing fairly well, I have plans for a few more competitions this year and depending on my funds, I'll compete next year as well. I don't do personal training, but I do model on occasion. I actually compete in wigs. My hair is very short normally. That is something that most people find very interesting.

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