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2018 NPC Lenda Murray Bikini Overall

I have been an athlete all of my life. Over the years I have played soccer, flag football, and track. In High school track was my life. Then in college I struggled to find my athletic niche as my school did not have a track team and playing club sports wasn’t my thing so I began lifting weights. I met my amazing other half and he had done numerous shows. After attending a few with him I was hooked. I stepped up my training and took a full year to just put on muscle. Then in 2017 I hit the ground running. 5 shows in 1-year to be exact. Which is a ton and I don’t recommend to anyone just starting out.

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Diet- I have learned to stay on top of my diet and be more conscious both off-season and pre-contest. Do I enjoy pizza and cookies heck yeah but I do it in moderation and plan for it. #StillLivingMyBestLife. A proper reverse diet is key to being able to excel in this sport. Yes it can be annoying, it sucks, … I’m living it and currently going through it but I know that it is key to my future in this sport. Look at all of the greatest athletes in any sport –Serena, Kobe, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Ray Lewis …. They went above and beyond to be the greatest. They did things behind the scenes that most people would not have done to become elite athletes.. Losing weight is simple- stay in a caloric deficit but ensure you are getting the proper nutrients. The macros are different for everyone and even for me change constantly with each prep. When building muscle I eat in a caloric surplus and cut back on my cardio. My diet no matter time of year consists of Oatmeal, chicken breast, potatoes, rice, veggies and occasionally red meat.

What a lot of people do not understand that in order to lose weight you must be in a caloric deficit. Point Blank. No matter what diet you try it all boils down to being in a caloric deficit. From knowing this I have never tried a specific diet fade like keto.
Off-season is all about those gains and lifting heavier weights. As it gets closer to the show I tend to do more higher rep/lower weight workouts. For Cardio the Stairmaster has become my bestie but I have recently started cycling! As I am heading in to my off-season I will be tapering off the cardio and it goes hand-in-hand with my reverse diet.

Self-confidence: #AlterEgo – I will be the first to admit that right before I get on stage I turn into my own hype woman. I tell myself there are 7 Billion People in the world and dammit this is my time to shine. You put in the hard work, you gave 110% to your workouts, you grinded, you ate your meals, practiced posing, and at the end of the day I am bringing MY best self. I don’t pay attention to other competitors because I am not there to “Compete” with them. We all deserve to be on stage and showcase our hard work. If I see an athlete backstage and we are in the same class I will be the first to tell them “ Hey you look good”. If an athletes shows up with a better package I tell them. I don’t ever feel the need to talk crap or do the whole mental game stuff that some girls do because like I said “I am only in competition with myself”. Now on the flip side- if you are one of those chicks with a bad attitude and you are talking crap about anyone it makes me show off that much more. Yup stand beside me and if my 22inch hair hit you when I flip it you are 22 inches too close! It’s a huge pet-peeve when girls become catty backstage. Like please have several seats.

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#TBT . In every local show I’ve always “ come close”. I had always been the runner up. First show: 2nd in my class. Second show: 2nd in the overall. Then lead to a series fails .... placing 8th at the Arnold Amateur. An even bigger fail at Jr.Nats.... placed 16th ??. Basically if you don’t make top 15 everyone else left is 16th place. That was 4 weeks before this happened.... an OVERALL WIN. As you can see at the end I was VERY emotional. A large part of my life was in shambles.... I felt defeated... overwhelmed ... confused... blamed myself for everything... I just wasn’t “myself”... I felt like a failure...I wanted to give up ... and to be completely honest every other day I cried. . Then something began to happen inside me along the way. I began to pray more.. like REALLY pray.... I didn’t pray to do well in this show (I actually almost didn’t do it)... I prayed for direction, discernment, and guidance. The more I prayed the clearer my thoughts became. Then BOOM ?? things hit a 180 and it was all up from here! . #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #fit #fitfamily #gym #bodybuilding #fitfam #cleaneating #strength #transformation #exercise #gymtime #fitness #divadolls #npc #npcmidatlantic #coach #npcbikini #workoutmotivation #gymselfie #model #humble #overallbikini #goals #motivate #movelifefit #fitspo #strongissexy #workouts

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Recent shows: Jr- Nats in Chicago. I did not place well at all! OMG 4th callouts and I was shocked. When I walked off stage surprisingly I wasn’t upset a calming peace came over me. There is something great that comes from a loss.. I will not always be the judges cup of tea and that is okay! All I can do is respect and appreciate the judges feedback and go back into the lab and put in work. My life is God’s Plan and I accept it with the good, the bad and the ugly. I know that with him all things are possible and that I must follow his plan and respect the process and journey. I’m not sure what God has in store for me but what I do know that by walking by faith and not by sight He will not lead me astray. This is the greatest lesson I have learned so far in this sport and It is one that I have appreciated much more than the Wins I have under my belt. To anyone that has not placed well in a show do not give up. Embrace every loss just as you embrace your wins and learn from those experiences.

I took the Overall bikini Title at the Lenda Murray Va Classic.

This is the one sport where my entire life is affected by it. This is a sport is the definition of DEDICATION. For some sports you go to practice for a few hours a day. With bodybuilding practice is 24/7 365. This sport is not for the weak-minded. I commend anyone who is in prep or completed a prep no matter what you placed. Future plans: Reverse Diet, come back in 2019 and go Pro! I WILL be returning to the stage with a noticeably upgraded physique. The goal is to hit the stage and really Wow the judges and show that I took in all of their feedback. I will also be taking on a few more Bikini Clients who are interested in competing in the NPC Bikini Division. I love being able to live life vicariously through my clients when I myself cannot be on stage! My clients mean the world to me and I go above and beyond to make sure they are taken care of. Coaching is something that I have always enjoyed but Bikini Coaching is something I have truly fallen in love with. The joy of helping someone reach their goals and really caring for them means a lot to me.

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