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I had always admired the figure division, their level of muscle, shape, conditioning and could only dream of looking like them. I first became a fan of competitors around when I had my daughter in 2009. I didn't know what it took to be able to step on stage but I started training in the gym with a focus of building more muscle. I never truly thought I was capable of stepping on stage though; owning two gyms and raising a young one was really hard and time consuming and I never felt I had the support I needed at the time. When I met my (now) Husband, who is a competitive bodybuilder, he helped me find my confidence to do my first show as a bikini competitor. 8 Weeks later I swept the show taking home all first place trophies and all overall wins. That lit my fire even more to continue competing.

My diet in the off season is very flexible and intuitive. I make sure to get in my nutrients that I need while allowing for a lot of variety. I enjoy all the "fun" foods (pizza, donuts, burgers, ice cream, etc) but when I keep it clean for the most part it helps me not feel guilty if I want something that isn't so healthy. When I'm getting ready for a show I gradually get more strict, slowly decreasing "cheat meals" and the extra stuff and adjusting my foods and amounts depending on how my body is responding. I've found carb cycling works well for me pre-contest. No two preps of mine have been the same, I've always had to alter my approach slightly. I've never gotten into set competition diet plans. I base my meals off what my body needs and how it's responding day to day and week to week.

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I start my day with fasted steady-state cardio (I prefer my cardio fasted and my body responds well to it), then later in the afternoon after 2-3 meals I lift and might do a little more cardio on the stairmaster depending on how I'm feeling and what my body needs. In prep I do fasted cardio every day I can either walking outside or treadmill or bike. I train in the gym 5-6 days per week. Closer to show time I do more supersets to keep my calorie expenditure high. I plan my meals around my training, in-taking most of my carbs before and directly after.

Self-confidence: This was a long process and is still a continued practice: positive self talk every day, working hard, training hard in the gym, eating clean/sticking to my plan, practice posing every day, make sure I have all the details of the show and everything prepared... I still get nervous before I step on stage, but I take that nervous energy and convert it into stage presence and remind myself that the work is done, I've given my 100% every single day to get ready and now the only thing left to do is do what I've been practicing.

During check-ins one of the judges at my last show said something that really stuck with me; This is the best you've ever looked and the worst you will ever look. That really resonated with me because I'm always trying to improve, each time stepping on stage with a better physique/package than I did the previous time. Now I try to share this because it applies not only to us physically but in all aspects of life. Be grateful for where you are and what you've accomplished but never be satisfied.

Life as an athlete: This has been a lifestyle for me, I'm always working hard to reach goals of my own physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, etc but also helping other to reach their goals, see potential in themselves and find their confidence and drive.

My next competition is the NPC Junior USAs in Charleston, SC May 20th. I have a few other shows I would like to do this year but that all depending on how this one goes.

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