Cristina Silva - WBFF Pro, Fitness Model, Bikini Champion

Cristina: I'm a personal trainer and my passion is fitness. I have always been very competitive with what I was doing and I really wanted to challenge myself. I decided to enter a fitness competition and it has been very natural. I knew I wanted to compete with the WBFF from Paul Dillett (World beauty fashion Fitness).

I believe that being healthy is the most important idea for me on and off season. During off-season period, I try to have a balanced diet and always eat clean. What is important for me is avoiding processed and sweet/sugary foods. I'm allowing myself sometimes what I call a "Healthy cheat meal" by going to the Brazilian/ Argentinean restaurant. I love red meat!
During competition, my diet is controlled and restricted. I eat from 5 to 6 times a day small but regular meals and always balancing carbs protein and fats depending of my goal.
To build muscle, I’m basically increasing my protein and carbohydrates but still doing a minimum of cardio to remain lean and healthy. My supplements from USN are also a big part of my diet to maximise my macro level and get the best out of them.

Cristina Silva

Cristina Silva
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I can say that I'm really lucky regarding my diets with the help of two coaches the past year. Until now, they went very well as I manage to win both competitions in London for the national competition with Lee Constantinou, and the world’s in Las Vegas with Nathan Harewood.

Nathan, from team Domin8, is now following me on a daily basis. He's looking after my training and diet and he helps me setting up my short term and long term objectives. Even by being a personal trainer and a certified sports nutrition coach, having Nathan with all his experience really motivates me to be the best on the stage.

I’m currently training 5 times a week, I split my workouts into specific muscle groups weight training and total body workouts. All of this is topped up with Cardio session. My diet always depends on my current goal, that could be different for competition preparation, or bulking season. At the moment I'm training to build up my muscles for next year Wbff World’s competition in Toronto Canada.

I have always been proud of my body and never been scared or ashamed of showing it. It’s definitely something natural in me and I think that, when you work really hard for something, it’s just amazing to have the opportunity to go on stage and show it! That’s where my confidence is from but this is one part of the job. The second part is more technical and I learnt it with my posing coaches Toby Harrison and Alex Davies for several weeks before the contest, posing almost every day in front of the camera. The fact to train everyday made me more confident as I knew what I wanted.

My last competition was few months ago in Las Vegas, competing for the WBFF world’s as a PRO. I couldn’t believe I arrived there competing with the best of the best. The registration day was really impressive. Seeing all those people from the industry and from around the world competing for the crown and the world Title. That was my first feeling arriving in Vegas. Everybody looked amazing and very well in shape after months of preparation! I couldn’t wait to step on the stage but also impressed by the level of the contestant.

Then, the competition day arrived and I felt both excitement and stress before going on the stage! The crowd was fantastic and tops your confidence even more when you are cat walking!! Backstage, you can meet everybody and it’s really friendly!

Then comes the coronation. 11pm: the judges crowned me the Bikini diva world champion 2015. That was the ultimate goal of the year after 8 months of hard work and diet. I was over the moon! And I couldn’t believe it. Probably my Best Experience Ever.

Being the world bikini champion, I will be defending my crown in Toronto next 24-27 of August and get the second title. I have already started my preparation to show the best again as the competition is going to be high level!

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