Clarissa Gannon - Figure Competitor

No sports background. In 2011 I participated in Federal Law Enforcement training, where I found a love of being physically active and pushing my own limits. Proceeded to pursue a career as a Fitness Trainer in 2012. I have competed 6 different certifications since then from nationally accredited institutions. I continue to sculpt my own body as I help others meet their own goals. In 2016 I decided to compete in my first fitness show. I chose National Physique Committee (NPC) show, as a figure competitor.

Diet and Training

I follow a combination nutrition plan of Flexible dieting and the use of Isagenix Products. Out of all diets ever tried this combination seems to work the best for me. My lifestyle and my goals. I do not have to change it much between off season and prep. And it keeps my body fueled with all necessary nutrients in the right proportion.

Obviously you want to add more lean muscle in the off season, so macros are simply higher in the off season vs prep season.
Even as a Vegetarian athlete I keep my protein at 1.2g per pound of body weight. During off season Carbs are 40% of my intake and fat is 35-% of my intake. During Prep I only needed to drop fat by 5% and the carbs lowered as needed. And then add the carbs back in at the last week of prep. I eat usually 3 meals and 1-2 snacks a day. And use the Isagenix intermittent fast 1-2 times a month.

I lift 4-6 days a week. The goal is ways increased strength and symmetry. I love heavy, but balanced with extreme attention to form and muscle contraction, which will sometimes then require a lighter weight. I also use supersets, almost always.
I teach one Hiit Class a week for cardio, sometimes I will also add in another sprint day or maybe a walking day if I have not been active enough through the week. I do not do very much cardio the last two years.
I bring food with me and make sure I hit my macros daily. I do not stress about nutrient timing.

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On Stage

Building self confidence: It was hard. Really hard. I talked myself out of for years. The fear of being judged. The fear of falling. The fear of not doing well. And the cost was always an obstacle for me as a single mother. And so for years I let fear and excuses tell me no. And then one evening I was complaining of it all to my husband, and he said to “just do it”. And then I would know if it was even something I would want to do.
And so I picked a competition 5 weeks away. Paid my NPC dues and focused on the getting there. And it was good. Of course I was still nervous as I went on stage. But knowing I had worked so hard, my husband and my children believe in me, I just smile and focus. And I’ll do it again.

Well since it was my first competition, I had no idea what to do. But the committee and the other more experienced contestants were very helpful, helping you to know which line to get into, what was going to happen next, etc.
Prejudging I felt went well. Although, towards the end I realized I had been presenting my resting pose completely wrong ;-)
Finals were fine and everyone seemed more relaxed. It was still a surprise to hear my name called to step forward and claim my trophy though :-)

I plan on competing in the same NPC show this fall; The Rocky Mountain Championships. And possibly one other this summer closer to home. That one is undecided at the moment. I plan on bringing a tighter physique and a much better posing game to the show this time.


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