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I got into fitness about 4.5 years ago, after going through an extremely difficult divorce which led to obesity and I reached 270lbs, on the verge of diabetes, and serious depression. I met a couple in my hometown of Warner Robins, GA that were bodybuilders and they invited me to lift with them one day and I was hooked. I started to use it as an outlet to heal my depression, just so happened the body came along with it which opened the door to competing

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My diet during the off season is actually similar during contest prep, my coach believes in keeping me lean and doing a lean bulk so that it doesn’t become a hard task of shredding the weight off for a show. My average calories during show prep are normally around 1250 per day and during the off season I myself try not to exceed 1800 per day. I have found that dirty bulking is not good for gaining muscle because it doesn’t truly help with growth of the muscle. I also only have a cheat meal on the days that I have worked the areas I want to see growth. This prep we were more focused on growing my shoulders so my coach would allow me to only cheat on those days and my cheat meal could not exceed 1000 calories.
All of my diets my coach has presented to my have actually worked, because I work hard to bring a different package every time. My diet is truly based on how I look throughout prep.

I was always a confident female, no matter my size. When I dropped the weight and could fit into the suit and the clothing it just came naturally. I was ready to strut my feathers like a peacock, due to being a theater student all throughout high school (stage was always home). I also have an amazing posing coach who is always speaking on confidence and how important it is to have it on stage and off stage.

This prep required a lot of HIIT cardio and Sprinting, which was based on the judges critiques from my last show. I have naturally bigger legs which overpowered my top half, which we all know that symmetry is a major key in bodybuilding. So my coach took me off the cardio machines and required lots of HIIT routines and Sprint intervals as well as lower weight and lots of reps on leg days.

My first show I was so nervous because it was all new to me from the tanning to the makeup to the routine that is required for physique competitors. I remember being in the athletes meeting the night before and had my music prepared for a 60 second routine only to be told it needs to be 90 secs. I had to think quick and my best friend hopped into action and helped me revamp the music and the entire routine.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, it requires a discipline that I truly believe can only be given by God himself. I personally think that is why only 1% of the world's population is made up of Bodybuilders. There are no off days, there are no breaks, and there are no short cuts when attempting to achieve a goal such as Bodybuilding.

Future plans- Continue with chasing my pro card this year. I have started accepting clients for personalized meal plans and online training. I will continue to host my traveling boot camp classes as well.

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