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I started working out when I was about 15 years old. I remember being a sophomore in high school and I would wake up at 4:30am every morning to go to the gym with my dad just so I had a way to the gym, ever since then and seeing my body change I fell in love with the process. When my dad was my age, he won Mr. Teen Kentucky... That was inspiration enough. But I think the one moment that made me realize I wanted to complete was in 2015, my aunt competed at the Kentucky Derby and I remember watching her and seeing all the girls and women walking around, to me they looked PERFECT. I made a promise to myself to compete at age 18. And I did.

Your 2017 npc teen bikini champ ??

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Diet: As I am about 2 weeks post show right now, I'm Reverse dieting meaning I'm gradually adding in more foods like carbs. But prep on the other hand, I slowly decreased foods just depending on how my body was reacting (mostly carbs). Prep is a mind game. You have to be mentally prepared. For weight loss, I found slowly lowering carbs works the best. But it's all about bio-individuality. That is just worked best for me. For building muscle, obviously you can't build muscle while in a deficit so from this prep I can tell I lost a bit of muscle but thank the lord for off seasons. For building muscle, I can't strain it enough. Protein protein protein. I'm not talking about protein shakes and yes those help. But I mean 1.5 grams x lb of real protein (lean meat) for your body weight
With this prep being my first, I have not tried too many different approaches. But I did find my body reacts better with lower carbs.

I lift about 5-6 days a week depending on what I have going on that week. I am a teenage girl and I like to have balance especially on the weekends. I love fasted cardio so mon-fri I started out with 25 minutes of LISS and slowly increased as the competition approached just depending on how my body was reacting. Post workout 4 days a week I would do 20-25 minutes of HIIT. On training days, my carbs were higher than on my off days. But not by much.

Stepping on stage is the best part of competing! You are showing off the work you put in for 12-14-16 weeks! I was very hesitant at first because about a week out I was nowhere near where I wanted to be. But with it being my first show, I knew it would just be good experience and I would get my jitters out of the way.

Peak week was one of the most anxious weeks of my life! I was so ready to get my spray tan and get all dolled up. But I was most anxious to see how my body looked waking up on show day. Not knowing what to expect when I showed up for check-ins, I walked around mostly with my dad for comfort. He supported me throughout everything the last 18 weeks. When I was in line for check in I instantly clicked with a girl who I was in line with. We got to talking and I learned all about her! And as the night and day went on I continued to meet girls and women who had the same lifestyle and love for fitness as I did.

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With not having a coach, Prejudging was a mess for me. I didn't have a clue what to do regarding food, and sweets. I researched for weeks and I decided to just do what I felt my body needed. I woke up that morning and had a couple egg white as normal...and with bikini being one of the first groups I had to go straight backstage. As soon as I got backstage, I saw cookies and brownies and starburst and rice cakes and peanut butter. At first I was hesitant to start eating my snacks but then I started to realize I needed to make myself look fuller. Since I had no water and little carbs in my system I looked stringy. My mom had made me almond butter cookies (which were soooo good), they only consisted of Eggs, Coconut sugar, and almond butter. When I took my first bite. I felt like I was in heaven :) As I continued to eat some sugar, I started to feel my muscles getting fuller! It was working!
After prejudging, I went straight to eat. I was so excited! But I was so full from the candy and sugar, I couldn't finish my hamburger :( I took a nap straight after and when I woke up, it was time for finals.

I have been an athlete since I was about 4 years old. I started playing soccer at age 4 and cheer at age 5. Growing up I pretty much did every sport I could. Soccer, cheer, softball, and in middle school I ended up doing volleyball and track along with soccer and in high school I played soccer all 4 years, I cheered for 2, ran track for 2 and ended up playing football my senior year! Being an athlete is not something new to me. I have always been a competitive person but I always had someone else to rely on... meaning I always a part of a "team". Competitive bikini competitions are different for me because it's all about you and all about the hard work and dedication YOU put in. Not your teammates. Being an athlete inspires me to take care of my body and to love it. I don't go a day without thinking about what's best for me and my health.

I am currently taking online classes for a health coaching program IIN which I will graduate in July 17'. For now, I wish to compete in the Kentucky muscle on Oct. 28th 2017. I now have a coach who I am so excited to work with for these next couple months to prepare me to start the prep for this show. Depending on how I feel about my body after that show and where I am mentally I might take a year off to focus on my career. Either way I would like to maintain a physique for fitness modeling.

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