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An update, May 2017.

This was my first year as a first time Pro. I debut at Orlando Pro and recently competed at Florida Grand Prix. I am proud to place both these competitions in my resume. I was always looking forward to meeting new people or fellow athletes. This year my goal was to observe and listen and I hope I have done enough to take into my off season. Pro competitors are no different than amateurs. They still get nervous before they step on stage and they are still anxious the day before the show. Although it is a privilege to have the status quo behind your name as a pro, they are just normal people with same goals as an amateur competitor. On the day of my pro debut I was very anxious but the 2nd show I did, I was very excited. It was very humbling to stand right next to gals who have stepped on both Olympia and Arnold stages. I think the more you get the badge of honor, the more it comes second nature to you that there is nothing to boast about. The winner of Florida Grand Prix was sobbing quietly as I stood right next to her in the lineup. That is enough for me to experience the reality that these women are just as similar as if they won their first competition in bodybuilding. It was a beautiful experience.

Charina Baker
Photographer: Kristoffer Cox

My prep was very straight forward and not much tweaks and steady calories all through out. I hardly get a cut from my macros except peak week as needed and my trainers vary my caloric intake on a day to day basis depending on my expenditure during this week as well. My training has been felt more at heart this time. I have genetically good pair of quads but my glutes had to be pushed up, re shaped so my methods this time was a bit different and I know it will change again during off season.

Challenges during the prep: It really isnít the diet or the training but the external factors that go with my prep. I am a busy mother of two active boys and running the household on a daily basis. We seldom eat out so I cook a lot. I would prep more food for my family than mine. I have learned to eat vegetables raw sometimes due to lack of time preparing it. Since it has been three years in the running that I have been competing, pretty much every one of my family understands the way I eat. I am pretty lucky to have such a supportive bunch.

Life as an athlete: More than dozens had approached me personally for advice prepping in your 40ís. My response is as simple as it is a privilege to be able to do what we do, at our age and given the circumstances at current. We do not have to dig or really watch out who we really are inspiring. If you do something that comes from the heart, pure pleasure of doing it and it makes you happy then it becomes second nature for other women to look up to you.

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Future plans: As much as I love the sport, I have to give my body a good break so off season is my time to grow and plan for the future. My trainers Mike and Trish Wood of Iron Addiction already have a few plans while I am hibernating. I am also going to continue my education in this industry and will never stop assisting women in this sport. Same women whom I have helped gives me so much joy when I see them on stage and it is my sanity for off season for not being able to step myself. If they are happy then I am happy. I am also looking forward to spending my summer with my family and not have too many restrictions on my diet. I will still stay close to off season macros with guidance from my trainers but the guilt wonít be there if I want to have a cookie. I am looking forward to a lot of shared laughs with girlfriends during this break too. Everyone serves a certain purpose in your life in each period. You have to adjust accordingly so that you are able to cope mentally with the challenges and struggles. God has given me so much for the past couple of years. I am truly blessed.

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