Chandler Jones - Figure Competitor

I started to compete when I felt that I had reached a plateau writhing my fitness goals and abilities.

My diet changed a lot. I wasnít eating unhealthy before however it changed a lot with a lot more discipline that I had to adjust to within the first two weeks of prep for the show. I have found that carb cycling really helps me to build more muscle. I also found that little to no calories and higher protein helps me to lose weight as well.
Failed competition diet was probably bulking and eating a pretty good amount of carbs. That was a huge fail when I started dieting.

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To build my confidence to actually step on stage was support from a lot of friends and family. Also I started to see that I was making a lot more gains when I did start prepping and that gave me more confidence and more courage to step out and do it.

My training program really varied depending on what my trainer and coach really wanted me to focus the most on that week. For the most part Iíd do a body part split throughout the week and do a HIIT workout at the end of the week. I balanced it with my diet by consuming more carbs on the bigger body part days like legs or back that required me to have a little bit more energy.

Being that this most recent show was my very first show I was shitting bricks. I was very very nervous and I actually messed up a lot with my posing the very first time. I had no idea what to expect when I got there. It didnít really make it better that my coach and trainer was not back stage with me which kind of sucked in the end. However I went out there and did the best I could do and remembered all of what I needed to do to get there. I remembered how many people were waiting to see me strut my stuff once I stepped on that stage. There were people that relied on me to do the best I could and thatís generally what I did. All I could think about was that you didnít do all of this for nothing so you have to face your fears and lit up the stage! Once we reached finals it my jitters went away and my confidence was a lot better because then I knew what to expect and what I needed to do better.

Being an athlete is HARD. It affects your life a lot because a lot of people will not understand the life that you live and what you do. Iíve learned that being in a relationship is not a good idea when youíre a competing bodybuilder because you have to give most of your time to your trainer and the gym. A lot of people deal with it all differently, however it can be difficult when youíre the only one out of all the people you hang out with that are in prep mode.

Future plans after this is to continue to grow and become EVEN better. I loved competing, it was so much fun I loved getting to know other people who shared the same interest. I can definitely see myself doing a couple more shows before I call it quits!


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