Cecilia Blanco - Bikini Competitor

* 1st Place Bikini Open A, 2017 NPC Jay Cutler Classic.

I began competing after lifting consistently for almost 5 years. My home gym is very much a body building gym and an IFBB pro approached me and told me my physique was built to be a bikini competitor. At first I didn't want to compete at all but then I thought why not? I train hard everyday, I may as well have goals to work towards. Ever since my first competition I've been hooked.

"IM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTIONSSSSS" ???? no but seriously I'm friggen overjoyed right now bc ya girl won not one but two ??FIRST PLACE?? trophies tonight (novice and open)!!!!! Proof hard work and consistency pays off ??I worked my booty off the past 10 weeks to achieve what I did today. It was difficult but worth it. Now time for a little celebratory meal with my parents then right back to the grind tomorrow! Thanks again for everyone who called/texted me words of encouragement - thankful for you all! ??

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Contest Prep

Off season I eat in a caloric surplus, scale back on cardio, and stay in the 8-12 rep range. On season I'm in a caloric deficit, rev up cardio to 4x a week (3x HIIT, 1x steady pace) for 30 min each session, my rep ranges increase to 12-15x per set and lots of drop sets incorporated in there as well. Diet wise, I always stick to Whole Foods 80% of the time. While on prep this remains true except when I'm 4-5 weeks out that 80% changes to 100%.
Strict meal plans are something I tried and failed at. I like adjusting my carbs and proteins throughout the day; it makes me feel more in control. I have my most carb dense meals pre and post workout.

I do cardio in the morning and lift in the afternoon after I've had a few meals in me. I make sure to always have eaten a good amount before lifting because when I do not I feel my energy levels dip early in the workout. I always eat carbs pre and post workout.

On Stage

I dance from age 2 to 19 so being on stage does not frighten me however this was a different experience. I was never on stage literally almost naked. Once I shifted my view of being onstage in only a bikini to viewing it as portraying my hard work, the nerves certainly diminished.

Receiving first place for bikini open A at the cutler was a surreal experience. I was number 943 so there were an enormous amount of competitors there that looked phenomenal. With that said, it made winning even more gratifying because it gave me the affirmation that I'm doing something right and moving in the direction of my dreams. I almost couldn't believe it. I felt incredibly lucky and thankful at that moment.

Being an athlete affects my life as a whole in several ways - first, I'm always taking care of my body via what I put in it food wise. Many people aren't as scrutinizing, but when you are a competitor you have to be. Every decision you makes affects you and how you will look on stage. Secondly, I always have to train. If I don't have time, I'll make time. That's something my friends don't understand too well yet. I put training right up on my to do list every single day. You constantly have to think about your future self and future body when you are an athlete, something many people aren't accustomed to doing.

Future plans: compete in a national show. My coach and I discussed and are planning on competing at a national level this year (end of summer most likely).

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