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I first starting training and wanting to compete in 2014 right after my daughter was born. I had recently finished my 8 year contract with the Army and after 3 deployments to Afghanistan I decided it was time for me to spend more time with my family. I first really got excited about bodybuilding when I found out who Dana Linn Bailey was, she inspired me so much by how confident she had become in her own skin being a woman of significant size and muscle.

Diet is always the trickiest part about being a competitor, it will make it break you. I have been very fortunate to have an amazing and very knowledgeable coach Ty Woosley. He is the founder and owner of Prestige Physiques and is a very accomplished Prep coach and weight loss coach. Off-season diet normally has me eating anywhere from 2100-2400 calories a day then dropping down to about 1800-1200 calories during a prep. All depending on goals and how my body is responding to food and cardio at the time. It's definitely the hardest part of prep in my opinion, the iron is the fun part.

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Before I had Ty as my coach I was with someone else that wasn't very knowledgeable about dieting and how it works, so I ended up adding a bunch of unnecessary weight during a bulk off-season and not focusing on adding good lean muscle. So when I finally decided it was time to prep for a show it was very difficult to shred off the excess body fat. Having someone coach you and knowing how your body responds to certain things is always keen. I've been with Ty now for almost a year and a half now and the result have been amazing.

Training: Generally I start prep with fasted cardio HIIT sessions first thing in the morning, eat my first meal and just stay on task with each meal throughout the day as of now I'm 15 weeks away from Washington State Open and workouts are intense, some days coach has me doing two a days for a muscle group and I'm doing cardio 4 days a week as of now. The key to a successful prep for me is to have a routine to stay on track. Yea sometimes everyday doesn't go as planned so o just adjust fire and make the most of it. Training is the easy part!

Self-confidence to compete: Man, I don't think you every feel full confident. I mean yea you feel good about your package cause you know blood sweat and tears were out into every single day, every workout, every meal. But as a competitor I always second guess myself with questions like "am I big enough, am I lean enough, am I too big" Someone once told me the day you start lifting weights and competing is the day you'll never be good enough. It's a battle for sure. I think at the end of the day the person who have to impress is yourself. Knowing what you've put your body through to get the results you've gotten.

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My most recent show was Northwest Classic in Shelton, Washington. It was a blast, all the competitors were amazing and super friendly. Prejudging is always the most nerve racking. It's what basically is gonna determine how the finals go. So you just put your best foot forward and show off the package you brought! It's a long process and it gets tiresome and you're hungry and just wanna devour a cheesecake. And regardless of the outcome at finals you know after the show you're gonna have the biggest cheat meal of your life. Honestly I think that's the best part of the night! It's always great to get feedback from the judges too, they tell you exactly what you need to work on and how they felt your overall presentation went. Being a part of the bodybuilding community has really made me feel part of a family especially after getting out of the Military. Everyone knows the struggle, you all walk around with your meals in hand and a water jug in the other. It's a like a quiet respect and acknowledgment that "hey we both are running low on calories and energy today" but guess what we keep going. We strive to be a better version of the person we were the last time. The best part is being a part of something that very little people do. It reminds me of being in the army in on a certain degree.

Future plans: Well, I'd say as of now getting through this prep and being able to compete for the overall is my future goal as of now, I'd like to pursue a pro card in figure and keep building an empire. Eventually me and my husband would like to use our VA business loan and open up our Gym, a place we can call home and help people achieve their fitness goals, whatever that may be. I wanna stay humble about the sport and always be there with a smile and encouraging words for people who'd like to compete.

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