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I registered for my first show in 2015 as a "New Years Resolution" to overcome my fear of stage fright. I have a major fear of big crowds, being up in front of large groups and really wanted to try and overcome it. I just accidentally fell in love with the process of prep and bodybuilding along the way instead :)

Contest Prep

My diet is really consistent year round. I utilize flexible dieting or "IIFYM" during prep and off season, which allows me to eat for my goals, cravings, and nothing is "off limits." It has helped me be empowered to make choices that fuel my body for my current goals, and nothing else. As far as building muscle or losing weight, my most direct answer is that building muscle requires a surplus, and the better your food choices the more lean that mass is going to be. To lose weight, you need to create a caloric deficit. "Calories in, calories out."

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I used a more resistrictive plan for my first show, and it resulted in a lack of balance during my prep and post show for sure. I was still counting macros, but was working off of a food list of foods that were "ok" to eat during my prep. I had "free meals" instead of strategic refeeds, and it didn't empower me to eat for my goals or make choices that would help me continue on my journey on and off the stage. I implemented "IIFYM" for my 2nd, 3rd and current preps, and have had far more balance and success. Flexible dieting is a much better fit for me, and has been WAY more educational. I can go out to eat with my family on prep now and now how to order something clean for myself instead of eating out of tupperware because the food isnt on my "plan."

I lift weights 5-6 days a week, and incorporate HIIT cardio and different intensities of steady state as needed. I try to reduce cardio as much as I can in my off season so that I can implement it only as needed when I get closer to stage. My workouts aren't difficult to balance with my diet for that reason. My lifts are typically 45-60 mins, and I never do more than 20-30 mins of cardio after, depending on the day. I am currently only doing cardio about 3 days a week, so it is not a big time sucker. Keeping your diet and intake in check can really help reduce that need. Nutrition gets you really far!

On Stage

Self confidence takes practice! I am a firm believer in "fake it 'til you make it!" I still get really nervous to get on stage. But, I am really focused on overcoming my fear of stage fright. I spend a LOT of time and have made investments in a great posing coach to help me fine tune my stage presence. The more I practice and the more time I put in to my performance, the more confident I am that I did everything I could to be my best for that show. I don't know that the nerves ever completely go away, I think you just get better over time and with more practice.

So happy with the improvements I brought to stage today, mentally and physically. Cannot WAIT for the night show, it's always my favorite part ??????? #fitfam

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My last experience at Emerald Cup 2017 was my best experience so far. I know that my anxiety often gets the best of me, and I have a really hard time truly having fun and enjoying the day. This time, I really focused on setting myself up for success by being really thoughtful in the outline of my weekend. Instead of worrying about everyone else, I really focused on myself and my own needs and I had so much fun. I also really love being able to compete and share the stage with other people in our local community that I know. I was lucky enough to have several of my Team Hexx teammates with me this year, and being able to share that experience with them was really special.

Being an athlete is 100% responsible for my character, work ethic and personality. It has taught me to be motivated, to work hard, to be committed, that giving up is not an option, it made me competitive, and it provides my life with a structure that I LOVE. I also really love being part of an athletic community. Bodybuilding specifically has brought some incredilbe people in my life. I truly enjoy being able to share experiences and connect with other like minded individuals that lift you up. It's such a blessing.

I am competing in three more shows this season for now! I will be attending Nor Cal in June, Chicago in June and USA's in July! So, I am just getting warmed up. I am also a coach on Team Hexx, and will be spending the rest of this year developing our brand, coaching that team and being as active in the community as I can. I LOVE what I do and feel so blessed to be able to coach others, and continue on my personal journey to accomplish more goals.

Thank you for your time!
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