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Well I joined a LA Fitness in my area back in 2013. I gained so much weight working in a call center. A single mom with a toddler.. Folks would point out my weight gain. Me, not wanting to get any bigger. I sacrificed my little paycheck to join the gym. Because I didn't like looking at myself in the mirror. I didn't feel good about myself. I lost all the weight, got abs a year later..I started falling in love with the gym. A friend of mine James, who's an NPC competitor approached me one day and asked me if I competed. I had thought about it. He gave me good pointers. Then my friend Niya in NY had planned for us to do our 1st show together.. I became fascinated about competitions.

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Then I started researching other competitors & Pros. But in my mind, I didn't think I could do it. So, I was determined. I did it to have a change up and give myself a challenge. So, to get my feet wet I did my 1St show, it was OCB. I placed 3rd in Open Novice. I fell in love with the stage, even though I was highly nervous onstage. Then 2016 came, did my 1St NPC show in June, South Jersey Classic. I got 5th in Novice Open. That show was an eye opener for me. August 2016, Delmarva Classic, I started getting more comfortable with the stage and came in 3rd in Open & 2ND in Masters. And I got hungry to do more shows. And ended up 1St place this year 2017 at Philadelphia Classic.

Diet: My Coach Ryan Stankovik is such a pro with Coaching and training. I have 5-6 meals a day. 1 gallon of water a day. Off-season I eat more carbs and more protein. I'm pretty much on a lean bulk during off-season. I can get away with 1 cheat meal a week. Pre-Contest is pretty strict. Low carbs, high protein, & fats. I've did macros before, which is good to. But as an individual for me, I do better with a solid meal prep to break down the foods to eat and what meal to eat them. Lots of egg whites, chicken, and tilapia for my protein. Steel oats are also one of my carb sources.

Failed diets: Wow! A lot of trial & error in the past during my shows in 2016. All I have to say on that, you live and you learn.
Building self-confidence to compete: Modeling background. I imagine myself modeling on a runway when I strut across the stage. When onstage it's show time to do my best. And give it my all. And confidence is a Big thing. Gotta have confidence.

Fasted Cardio HIIT- in the Mornings 5 days a week.
Weight training, then post cardio.
I eat 1.5 hour before weight training. I'll have protein and a carb. Protein shake, post-workout.

Todd Howe's shows have been my favorite shows to do. Great Athlete check-in, everyone is so nice and welcoming & accommodating. Prejudging is on point. Because tanning & makeup has you done before you hit the stage. Finals is great to. The show was so well run and organized. Everyone was helpful.

Life as an athlete: It affects my social life. My friendships changed so much when I started competing. I lost a lot of friends. It can get lonely in this industry. Because you really have to focus really hard. You have to turn down the drinking and bad eating. It's even hard to date. I'm looked at as the boring girl because I can't do things that everyone else is doing. I've sacrificed a lot in this industry. And sometimes family doesn't even understand why I do what I do.

Future plans: Haven't decided what other shows I'm doing this year. Wanting to look better each show. Muscle groups I would like to strengthen for next shows: My legs. Thighs & calves. And Ham & Glute tie in to be more defined.

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