Candice Carr - IFBB Physique Pro

2018 IFBB St.Louis Pro Women's Masters Physique Winner

I did martial arts when I was younger and I wanted to get stronger so purchased a Muscle and Fitness Magazine to learn about weight training. In that magazine there was a picture of Cory Everson and was absolutely fascinated by how amazing she looked. Continued to buy magazines and when I saw Lenda was over and decided then and there that is what I wanted to do!

There is no major variation now between off season and pre contest as I do not really eat junk food. I will eat a hamburger or a couple slices of pizza one in while but thatís it. Off season I utilise protein shakes more and mix cashews with my almonds and a Diet Coke is a treat. Wonít say any diet plans have been ineffective because even if it did not yield the desired results I learned from them and all the lessons are valuable.

Candice Carr

The self confidence improved over time. It was a matter of relaxing, enjoying experience and win, lose or draw remembering that I put the work in and was slowly making progress.

Training is lifting and cardio. Itís not hard and fast e.g. cardio can vary from conventional equipment, to a spin class or outdoor work. Training is like wise heavy/light, low reps/high reps, drop sets, active rest. Body I think always needs a shock.

I canít say I have ever had a bad contest experience as a Pro. Itís always a pleasure meeting other ladies that compete and/or reconnecting with ones I have interacted with before! My most recent competition was the Legions Sports Festival and it was fantastic. At check in you register and get a goodie bag yes but itís a high energy positive vibe. Back stage every one is focused and pumping up but can still strike a pose for a group photo or selfies. Each competition is different but thereís enjoyment in each one.

Being an athlete does affect my life. Time management of the utmost, training, meal prep, sleep, chores... it limits socialising. Itís a sacrifice but that is life...there is no goal in any area that does not require it.

I plan to compete for at least a year or two but even my post competition period will entail training....stage or not itís something I enjoy.


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