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I first started lifting weights with a trainer and really began to love weights. Saw a few of the trainers and other members of the gym compete and I love challenging myself so I decided to find a coach and go for it!

I am in my first "offseason" that I am actually following a plan still. Before I have just done whatever I felt like and it set me up for harder preps. Now that I am following a plan it will set me up for better success in the future competitions! Still learning my body so I wouldn't say I have found the perfect diet works for me. In the past though carb-cycling was my go to and my body responded very well to it. Calories and meals have been so different there's no specifics for that and it's really different for each every individual that's why I don't really like to tell people what I do for that because what works for me probably will not work for anyone else because my calories and meals are geared towards my body and my goals.
The only thing that has failed for me is not following my plan and going off track. Each time I follow what I have been handed from my coaches it has worked! The only way to fail is to not stay consistent in your training and diet.

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I wish I could just re-live this weekend over and over! Still on cloud 9! I won 1st place in novice bikini class A and 1st place in open bikini class A! Special thanks to my coach @fitboy_ifbbpro for believing in me and pushing me to get this far! Also to my Dad and @mdro1990 for making it such a memorable weekend! Another special thanks for @madisonshaefit and @bling.bikini for making my beautiful suit! And of course the lovely @frobandytruth for helping me perfect my posing and making me feel that diva confidence! ?? Now 12 more days and going to hit that stage again! Canít wait!! #npcbikini #npcoklahoma #supplementworld #allworldstores #hardwork #dedication #teamicon #bikinicompetitor #determination #consistency #notimeoff #trusttheprocess #nevergiveup #blingbikini #glam #determineyourworth #battleofthebodies2018 #betteringmyself

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This past year I had gotten a posing coach, and she really helped me find that confidence and sass I brought to the stage earlier this year! Also the more times I do it and the better my physique gets I become more and more comfortable and confident in myself.

I follow specific macros and I break them up to fit my work and gym schedule. I love lifting heavy and sometimes lighter with high reps. I do some HIIT cardio and some LISS cardio, it just depends on what my coach prescribes me to do for the week! I love it all!

The competitions I did this year were so much fun. I got 1st place in all my classes that I competed in. Finals are the most fun because we get to do our posing routines and really show off our sass and what we worked so hard for. The best part is that I was able to meet so many wonderful people from the people putting on the shows to the competitors themselves. I just love everything about competition day!

Being an athlete: It affects my whole life by number one making me a more healthy individual and setting myself for health in my later years. Hopefully when I'm old and brittle it won't be as bad as if I weren't to workout and have a healthy diet. It also has helped me in really every aspect in life. I have met some wonderful people. I have been able to be motivation for friends and family and even strangers get into health and fitness more to better themselves as well (the most exciting part of it all). I also have became stronger so it helps me with my job because I am working with patients and able to move them easier or help them out more without hurting myself!

I am in an offseason for now but I plan to compete in the spring and hopefully do nationals sometime in 2019! Short terms goals right now though is to take my registry for MRI and add more credentials to the back of my name. Then towards the end of the year I plan to do a fitness photoshoot and make a fitness motivational/inspirational little video! And of course all my future plans are to become closer to God, spend more time with friends and family!


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