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I started my fitness journey about 5 years ago. Originally my goal was just to have a healthier lifestyle and gain some weight as I was under weight for some time. My husband and brother in law were avid gym goers and so I slowly started to tagging along with them since my interest in lifting was growing. They showed me proper form and gave me the knowledge I needed to gain confidence in the gym. About a year and a half into my fitness journey I decided I needed a change of pace (gym wise) and got myself a membership at the local Golds Gym. This was the best decision I could have made for my fitness journey. The environment and quality of people at the gym were exactly what I needed to take my motivation to the next level! I remember the first time I saw someone practicing their posing routine, thinking “she looks amazing, I wish I had that confidence.” I went home and read up on the NPC and OCB affiliations, qualifications, meal prepping, and what the fitness competitive world was all about and knew I wanted in and to be apart of it all!

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Anyone who has prepped for a fitness competition knows life is very different during prep verses off season. What works for me personally is a low fat, low sugar diet. I cut basically all processed foods from my diet, eating lots of lean protein sources (ground turkey, chicken, shrimp.. oh and more chicken) Complex carb sources include: sweet potatoes, brown rice, Jasmine rice, and oatmeal rice cakes. Healthy fats: almonds, coconut oil, and avocado. Of course you can’t forget your micronutrients= LOTS OF VEGGIES, and certain fruits in moderation.

The majority of my training is lifting with lots of circuits and some cardio (mainly during prep). I like to pair certain muscle groups together, back/bis, chest/tris, glutes/ hamstrings, quads/shoulders. - I work quads, shoulders, hamstrings, and glutes twice a week since these are my muscle groups in need of improvement.

Building confidence to get up on stage isn’t something that you are just blessed with over night. No, you need to work your ass off to obtain that confidence! Not only in the gym but by continuous practice of your posing routine. You should be able to do your routine with your eyes closed.. I found it helpful to video myself from the judges angel so I could see what they would see. Also by practice at the gym where people could see, this was EXTREMELY INTIMIDATING at first but if I was going to get up on that stage in a tiny bikini, I had to over come the fear of people seeing me practice if I wanted to succeed on show day!

I personally love being on prep! Having an extremely clean diet and a certain amount of water daily makes my energy levels stay consistent, verses while consuming processed foods/ having more leniency, tends to alter my digestion, sleep, and energy levels. Juggling training and diet is the easy part for me, juggling prep and life on the other hand, I find to be the harder part. Being married, running a house hold, working, having a social life...that’s the hard part! During this process you learn so much about your self! How much you really can handle and how you can accomplish anything as long as you put your mind to it!

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I remember driving into Boston the morning of my first show, my heart was pounding.. the nerves were insane! I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t know if I can do this!” Once I walked into the venue and sat down in front of that stage, with my number in hand, all those fears and doubts went away! I knew with all my heart I deserved to be there!

Being an athlete drives me! It drives me to be a better wife, a better friend, a better sister and eventually one day a great mother! The motivation and determination I have developed from this sport has only helped me grow as an individual!

I am officially 6 weeks out! My goal is to enjoy the rest of my prep, learn as much as I can about my body and place in the top 3! After my show I will be taking a long off season to put on a good amount of lean mass :)

Brianna George

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