Briana Tietjen - Bikini Competitor

* 1st in Open D Bikini and 1st in Junior Class, 2017 NPC Natural Indiana (first competition!).

I have always been a competitor in any sport from basketball to tennis, so competing for myself was like another sport on a new level. My boyfriend Patrick McVey introduced me into competing in the first place and brought it to my attention. I officially started my first prep November of 2016, and competed in my first of many to be competitions April 8, 2017. I placed 1st in open D bikini, and 1st in my junior 21 and under class. I also placed 4th in pure novice up against 28+ other ladies.

Happy Peak Week to myself & everyone competing this weekend in the Natural Indiana ???????? I can't begin to explain my excitement. Huge thank you to my coach @prettyboy_eastcoastheavyhittas for all the guidance he has given me and the most support cause lawwwwd knows I need it ???? ???????? be ready to EAT ??

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Off-season diet was not organized, I ate accordingly, but never had an official diet. I used staple foods such as rice, and sweet potatoes, but never made myself miserable, I ate what I craved and used that for my fuel in the gym. I almost always plan my carbs around a workout, so a heavier meal would be in place and ready before my workouts. For my first official prep diet, I went with a coach to help guide me in the right direction especially since this was my first competition. Starting in November I went from a fairly high carb plan, to start about 4 weeks out was when I cut carbs down to around 80 or less. For my prep, I also cut sodium and manipulated water too the last week or so and following into peak week.

I tried going through Patrick, my boyfriend for a fitness plan and that did not work, because he was easy on me, and I was too easy on myself. Which is why the coach was hired Jermaine Todd and IFBB pro. Since I am a college student, for my first competition I wanted it to be as organized as possible with little work to be done, besides the gym. His plan in my opinion, was most effective for me to stick to it, and not cave in to cheat. He gave me set meals for the day to follow for a few weeks, with minor tweaks in between. the "if it fits your macros" was not effective and is not for me right now, because I am eating more processed foods than before, and having a set plan makes grocery shopping and prep easier already knowing what I am eating.

For the most part I follow a daily training split. So Monday is a total leg day no morning or evening cardio. Tuesday would be 20 minutes fasted with shoulders in the evening followed by 20 minutes post cardio. I have recently been switching all cardio up, from incline treadmill, sprint intervals, elliptical, stairmaster, and honestly whatever I feel like doing that day. I try to enjoy each lift followed by cardio. When it comes to training and dieting, I usually will do high carb days around muscle groups that need improvement so a higher carb day would be perfect for a hamstring or glute focused workout.

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My confidence came with time. The better I looked or felt, the more confidence I had. Show day, there were so many encouraging girls that it was almost impossible not to have fun and strut your stuff.

My feelings toward competing in general have changed completely. You no longer see yourself as trying to get a beach body, you look at your body as a canvas and whatever the judges tell you to improve that's what you do, because competing for me has given me that challenge to want to improve and better myself. From check-ins, to the actual day is a lot of anticipation, it is like all you want to do is get to that day starting from the day you start prep. I was getting too eager to compete, I was always anxious, and couldn't stop looking at photos or comparing myself to other (never do, it will mentally tear you apart). My feelings were honestly indescribable. After I went out on stage for prejudging I wanted to keep going back out on stage and show everyone what I worked so hard to achieve. I kept myself covered up for weeks and weeks, and finally the day was here and all I wanted to do was be on stage. It was a little intimidating at first, but the adrenaline rush was unreal to be on stage with girls who look just as good as you do.

Being an athlete, means this is a LIFESTYLE. At this point you don't choose to do this, it basically runs your life in such a positive, and addicting way. I don't drink, I don't go out, all I do is work on improving my well being, and that enough is satisfying. To know I am only 21 trying to focus on my overall health means a lot, though competing is not the healthiest lifestyle. It changes your life completely to make it a healthy lifestyle. Being an NPC bikini athlete is a proud feeling, and I would never change it for anything.

In my future, I actually plan or hope to compete as a figure competitor depending on my off season. I have already been in the gym twice daily, and looking up shows to compete in for the following year. I would love to get my foot in this industry, modeling, training, and all the above even in the future hope to open a studio and help those who want to create a lifestyle but don't know where to start. I would love to be contacted for modeling, and training as well! (

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