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Beth: I grew up being involved in sports, and was a competitive swimmer for years. After high school, I tried CrossFit and Olympic lifting. I loved the competitive nature of CrossFit, but unfortunately couldn't afford it after a while. So I began my own training regimen at Omni. After a couple months of training on my own I felt as if I had reached a plateau. I was not feeling motivated, I wasn't noticing any changes and I was missing having a goal to work for. Shortly after this realization a friend of mine, who trains with my trainer Trey, told me I should compete in a figure competition. I was very hesitant at first, only because I was nervous about standing on a stage with a fake tan and makeup. However, after I talked to a couple people I decided to go for it. After all I didn't have anything to lose. Needless to say, I absolutely loved every moment of it. So I am very glad that I took the chance and went out of my comfort zone to compete.

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My diet changes often actually. During my bulking phase, which is what I'm in right now, I am constantly eating, 6 times a day, veggies, protein and carbs every meal. During prep my calories go down slightly so that I'm not losing or gaining weight. This however, is modified at times during the prep depending on how my body is responding. Then during my cut, which is about 12 weeks pre-show, calories and carbs are cut to where I am slightly under my daily caloric goal. As far as the specifics, Trey gives me 6 meals every day which need to be weighed out and measured properly. The only wiggle room I have in my diet is, I have a choice of different white meats and red meats I can eat. I usually just eat the same 6 meals every day for the whole week though. I have found that this is, by far, the best way to build muscle and lose weight. Reason being, everything is exact. I don't have to worry about not reaching my macro goal for the day or eat too many carbs, because everything is already planed perfectly, all I have to do is eat. I have tried counting macros before, but it just isn't consisted enough for me. I have better results just sticking to a meal plan that I know works.

I ate paleo when I did CrossFit, and planned my macros with the My Fitness Pal when I was on my own training program. However, Trey's meal plans are the only competition diet plans I've tried and they work incredibly. I would never use anything else.

I lift a lot. LOL. I love my training program because I do very little cardio, and I hate cardio. I workout legs twice a week and the rest is split with shoulders, back, and chest. I do high reps with the maximum weight I can do for usually 4 sets. During cut I will do the stair master, or walk on an incline. As I get closer to a show, the calories decrease, and I can't lift as much. But it's just all a part of the process. The time to grow and get stronger is in off season.

Building self-confidence to compete: Well, like I said I was pretty hesitant to get on stage for the first time when I agreed to do the show. But, when the time came for me to get on the stage that day I was just ready. It's hard to explain or describe. After putting so much time and energy into something like this, by the end of it I just felt very confident and I knew that what I was bringing to the stage was my best. I felt accomplished and that feeling completely overpowered any nervous energy I had. Also it helped that all my teammates, my trainer, and my best friend were there to support me. Having support and a good trainer really makes a world of difference. I couldn't do this with out that for sure.

The show I did in March was my first one. I would suggest just being friendly to everyone back stage. I had a blast just talking to people and asking them questions about their training, or any insider tips they had for me. You are there the entire day so you might as well meet some cool people while you're there. Honestly though the hardest, and worst thing, about the show was not being able to drink water until the show was over. I hadn't drank since 6pm Friday night, the second after my final judging was over I downed an entire bottle of Gatorade in 3 seconds. The show itself though was loads of fun, I can't wait for my next one.

I plan to keep doing this until I don't enjoy it any more. I absolutely love this sport. Everything about it. I love eating the same thing every day. I love putting on thirty pounds in 2 months. I love lifting everyday. I don't love fake tan, but it's a part of it so I guess I'll learn to love that too. LOL. I can't really imagine my life away from this sport now. It's just kind of become my life style. I plan to gain even more weight so I can be bigger for my next show and eventually I would love to get my pro card and compete professionally and be sponsored.

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