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I started competing in Figure Bodybuilding when I got out of the U.S. Marines. I got out of the service Nov 2011 and when going through personal training school is when I met my former coach and she taught me about bodybuilding but also Olympic Weightlifting. So I started to compete in Olympic weightlifting Aug 2012 and my first show in bodybuilding was May 2013. So thatís where I got started! Now that Iíve been competing for a few years Iím now training, prepping and coaching women bodybuilders

Diet and Training

Prep season: This all depends on what Iím accomplishing with my body composition. My carbs/protein are higher when Iím gaining more muscle mass. But if Iím maintaining size and leaning out or in the cut phase my carbs are very low but my protein stays consistent to maintain my muscle mass.

Off season: Same thing with high carb/protein if Iím focusing on gaining muscle mass till my next contest prep. Or Iím having a consistent diet the whole time just to maintain what I have. Thing might change from time to time if Iím feeling lower than usual energy. Iíll had fats into my diet more or add a small snack after my workout to replenish my glycogen levels from my work out like a pop tart or something.

Right now I havenít had that problem but Iíll still experimenting with new ways to help with gaining muscle faster through diet and supplements. For the level of bodybuilding I want to get into, Physique, I donít build muscle as fast as I want so Iím looking for a product that will help.

So I just stick to lifting and cardio. I lift 6 days a week but cardio fluctuated from on/off season. But by balancing diet and nutrition, I use my alarm clock to tell me when itís time to eat every 3 hour and I plan my work out around my meals so Iím not training when itís time to be eating.

On Stage

Building self-confidence: I never needed it. Iíve always had confidence to face a large crowd from just training over 600+ troops weekly for squadron exercise functions.

My experience at my last show was interesting to me. Before I even go to the hotel/show stage, I almost didnít make it to my show. I had no money for gas for my car and I didnít have enough to buy food to have enough for my time I was going through my day of pre- judging and finals. But luckily I was able to make everything work and I was able to make it. Also with having to deal with pain from a major auto accident I was in, I still pushed to compete. And being at such a low body fat percentage, my body was hurting all over from my injuries. So, I didnít sleep at all since I was in so much pain. On game day though, I was chipper and excited to kill it on stage. Normally Iím exhausted, hungry or thirsty. But I felt content. It was a great day from everything trying to hold me back. I ended up taking 3rd place and I was pleased with how everything turned out.

The next step in my journey is to still recover from my spinal injury in my neck and upper back, focus on a show this year since 2016 I was in recover from a surgery on my neck. I want to increase my team and add a massage therapist to my team for my athletes to utilize.

Iíd like to model someday as a mean to help promote myself more to the public but also a way to tell my story and how Iíve come to this point in my life and the constant obstacle trying to stop me.

I want to also show women what it takes to build self-confidence by loving themselves and striving to conquer the battle that it take to fight to get to the most rewarding accomplishment in their life. Itís not about doing a show, itís about bettering yourself as a person one step at a time.

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