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An update from Barbara
May 2017

After the interview we did last year I had a very busy competition season. I won three of the shows I entered and placed 7th at the Arnold Classic Europe. Currently, I am in prep for my first show of the season, which will be the Amateur Olympia Spain, in June.

My most recent competition was the UKBFF British Finals where I won my category and became Bodyfitness British Champion. It was an amazing experience and a day I will never forget. At the start of my season last year I set myself the goal to place top 3 at the Finals and so winning my class exceeded my expectations. It was the last show of a long prep season but I was extremely happy with how I looked and that all my hard work had paid off.

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As mentioned, I'm in prep at the moment reaching the 4 weeks out mark this weekend. The plans I follow are designed by my coach and are pretty similar to those I followed during my prep for the British Finals. I am weight training 6 times a week and follow a push/pull/legs routine. I'm one of those athletes that needs to do quite a bit of cardio to get into condition. I start my day with fasted cardio and also do a short session following my workouts. My goal is to stay as strong as possible throughout prep and keep all my hard earned muscles.

My diet is very simple, I follow a strict food plan that consists of five meals. My calories are still relatively high which is a result of staying consistent with my diet throughout my off-season, too.

In regards of challenges every prep is different. As an amateur athlete you need to focus on other aspects of your life, your job, your family and friends etc. It can be challenging to fit all your training and cardio in your daily routine but results will not come without effort and sacrifice. One thing I find it very difficult to deal with is the lack of sleep. The closer I get to my competition the less I sleep which isn't ideal when you are already exhausted.

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Being an athlete definitely affects your whole life. Prepping for a show might affect your performance at work, your personal relationships and your general mood. You might have to skip social occasions, turn down party invitations and plan your holidays around your shows. Staying committed to your goals requires sacrifice. But it will eventually pay off.

And what does the future hold for me in this sport? It's hard to predict. My goal this year is to win an international show and to defend my British Champion title. I would like to become a pro athlete in the next couple of years and compete at the Olympia stage one day.

Thank you again Jonathan!

#throwback to the train journey back from Nottingham after the UKBFF Finals ????

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