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Sport, Fitness is my life! I started dancing when I was 4 years old. I have practiced many different dance styles: classical dance, modern, hip-hop, Latin, Lyrical jazz dance. When I was 18 I became a gym instructor and personal trainer. In 2009 I started practicing, pole dance. In 2011 I opened my Pole Dance school and aerial disciplines, and my personal trainer studio in Verona (Italy).
I started doing bodybuilding competitions in 2012. I am in love with this sport, I love every moment of my athletic preparation. In 2017 I received the Pro card, (Ifbb Professional League).

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Diet: I do not like to have more than 4 kg compared to the weight of the day of the show so I, throughout the year, remain in diet. When I am preparing for a competition, I eat vegetables, proteins such as chicken or fish or white and fat (often peanut butter).Instead when I'm in off, I also eat carbohydrates like whole rice, Basmati rice, oats. To lose weight and build muscle I eat protein.

I tried to follow a diet with several carbohydrates, for me it was impossible to lose weight. Unfortunately. Every metabolism is different for each person, if I want to lose weight I can not unfortunately eat carbohydrates. However, this may be different for other people.

Diet plus training is very important. Only doing these 2 together, you can have excellent results. When I am in preparation for a competition I do six times a week cardio, in the morning. Six times a week I train with the weights. I love HIIT, when I am in preparation for the competitions I do this at least three times a week.

From the first time I went on stage, I fell in love with this sport. I love to be on stage and show others everything what I did, my work on my body, show my body. I have never had any problems with my self confidence.
The competition I have the most beautiful recollection is Olympia Marbella, June 2017. I won gold medal I was so happy that I canít describe it!

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For me, being an athlete has become a job. My life has changed completely since I decided to become an athlete. My whole day is devoted to training, diet, preparing my meals, preparing everything for the day of the competition. I am also a personal trainer, work in the gym as a personal trainer as well as online.

My last pro Show was 26 November San Marino pro, in San Marino, Italy. My next show will be surely in May but I have to decide what competition I will do.

Bissoli Aurelia

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