Aurelia Grozajova Interview

Aurelia Grozajova is a professional Slovakian bodybuilder. She cultivated a real passion for developing her body and began competing in bodybuilding competitions. She squats 260 lbs, benches 240 lbs and deadlifts 330 lbs! It all started from tiny 20 lbs dumbbells...

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
October 2007

* Aurelia, recently you competed in three important IFBB bodybuilding contests: Atlantic City Pro, Sacramento Pro and Europa Super Show. What were the competitions like for you? Do you have little time to rest now after this incredible effort?

Aurelia Grozajova: I always look forward to each competition. It is top of my season. Each competition is different and my preparation is different too. I try to change any exercises at the gym and to change supplements or food.
I spent in Slovak spa one week immediately after last competition. I was relaxing in hot mineral water and massages. I also try to spend some days there during volume training. I have rest one month minimally and then I can start training for new competitive season.

* What do you believe is the most important factor that's contributed to your success in bodybuilding?

Aurelia Grozajova: I think it is patience and discipline and of course excellent partner.

* Let's go back to the beginning of your bodybuilding career. How and when did you decide to become a bodybuilder?

Aurelia Grozajova: I started exercising seriously on March 21, 1993. Since this time I have been writing my training diary. I got the first barbells when my husband wanted to throw away his 20 lbs dumbbells. From the very beginning, I was eager to lift heavy weights and of course I could not, but I kept my enthusiasm for exercising.

* Developing an impressive body as yours requires very rich knowledge. Where and how did you learn so much about muscle building, using weight lifting equipment and many other bodybuilding topics?

Aurelia Grozajova: My husband has helped me with the theoretical background from the beginning up to today. We found the first knowledge in the newspapers, books and internet, selected what was interesting and after consideration, I exercised under his supervision.

* Your muscles look so defined and sculpted, hard as steel. How do you tone your muscles, and what do you think about your muscles strength? How would you describe your muscles endurance - how fast do your muscles get tired working out?

Aurelia Grozajova: I was surprised how my body improved this year. I participated in three competitions and despite of this fact my body was stronger and better like before. I consider that my age is very suitable for bodybuilding. I can see the results of fourteen years hard work now. My training usually takes about one hour twice a day. I know my body and this time is enough for my tiredness.

* From your rich experience, what is the best rep and set range for building muscle?

Aurelia Grozajova: It depends on body part. I usually train 4-6 rep in 15 set with heavy weights for bigger body part like for example back and 4-6 rep in 8 set for lower body part like biceps and special parties like abdomen and calves I train 30-50 rep in 8 set.

* Which supplements do you use? How long have you been taking them and what dosage do you take?

Aurelia Grozajova: I only take supplements regularly during my competitive season and I use pure whey protein, glutamine, creatine, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), all vitamins and minerals. I do not take higher dosage how producers recommend. I think it is more necessary to eat well-balanced natural food.

* Bodybuilding is not just a sport, its lifestyle. How has Bodybuilding affected your life? And, what are the things you have to sacrifice for becoming an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder?

Aurelia Grozajova: I like heavy work at the gym and of course I like muscles on my body. I do not know to imagine my body without them. I will train always if I do not compete. This sport is giving to me more than to take.

* When preparing your body for a bodybuilding competition, how do you manage the process? For example, how do you know when your body is ready for the competition, and on the other hand, how do you know when you need to increase the weight training and improve the muscle strength?

Aurelia Grozajova: My diet preparation at the gym is the same like my in my volume training I change my food only. This change is very necessary for quality of my muscles. Each diet contributes for better look from year to year. I usually train with the same weights like in the volume training and actually I can increase these weights at the end of diet and it is indication for me that I am ready for competition.

* Do you think every woman can gain a big muscle mass and be a bodybuilder, or maybe women must have perfect genes for bodybuilding? Why do you think so?

Aurelia Grozajova: I think most important factor is not genetic but the mind in own head. Each woman who wants muscles she can be bodybuilder.

* What do you think about popularity of bodybuilding in Slovakia?

Aurelia Grozajova: Bodybuilding is not popular in Slovakia because of abusing drugs in this sport.

* Which comments do receive from men and women about your physique?

Aurelia Grozajova: I have received very good comments at the gym because the people can see my training and men admire to lift heavy weights and the women admire this result on my body. Others people in the street are very carefully with notices because I look very strong (smiles).

* What are some of your hobbies?

Aurelia Grozajova: My hobbies are animals and my dream to learn fencing better.

* If you were given three wishes, what would you wish for?

Aurelia Grozajova: I hope I am very happy woman and I think love, health and heavy metal forever it would be great in my life (smiles).

* How strong is your hope to be Ms. Olympia, and how do you plan to do it?

Aurelia Grozajova: I believe in fate and I hope it is written there.

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