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Growing up in my teen years we all know how hard it can be for a girl, visions from social media, tv and magazines start to intercept our minds and make us believe we need to look, act or be a certain way in order to fit in. For about 6 years I struggled with a severe eating disorder, starting from anorexia then leading into bulimia. Leaving me at a scary 77llbs and hospitalized. When I turned 21 I met my fiance who was into bodybuilding and I had really no idea what it was all about, just overwhelmed when I seen how much food they eat and the discipline that goes into it- Steve started teaching me a lot about nutrition and fitness, and my interests peaked from there. Not long after we started dating we got pregnant with our first child and when I found out she was a girl, the process of me wanting change within myself began because I knew I didn't want her to deal with that.

A year later I started managing a local gym and starting seeing all the different beautiful bodies, I knew I wanted to work towards that somehow someway I was gonna figure it out. Shortly after we found out we were pregnant with twins- during that pregnancy I started researching and studying more and more about the bodybuilding lifestyle, and when I found out I was having boy girl twins I knew I needed to step it up and figure out how to take care of my body if not for myself- for my children. After their birth, I started my intense training, signed up with a coach that I looked up to and watched a lot during my time working at the gym. I made a goal to compete the following year, even if I didn't place it was more about learning structure , discipline and self love so I could later show that to my children, if I expect them to be strong mentally and emotionally then I need to be too, because after all I'm the one they look up to. My kids are my drive.

After my first show I placed 1st in my class leading me to provincials where I placed 1st again, the following year I decided to go through another coach, where I won the evolution award (most improved athlete) and second in my class. This show led me to my coach now "Darren Mehling" from freak fitness and I could not be happier. He has always made me feel important and genuinely believes I me. He led me to the show this year where I won 1st in my class and the overall in figure- awarding me with the title of Ms Figure Manitoba. This was a very proud moment for me as I have had to overcome a lot of battles emotionally mentally and physically to be where I am today.

Diet and Training

My diet does not change very much- I like to keep a pretty well rounded consistent diet all year round. With the exception of a few more added calories and a cheat once per week. This helps me to stay on track and when I have to diet down for my next show it's a lot easier than if you completely let yourself go and fall off the wagon. It is all about balance, structure, discipline and control. How bad do you want it? I find when I have lean beef steak in my diet it helps to keep the muscles full and round and helps to build. When I am dieting down for a show my nutrition consists of a lot of fish and chicken. Lean white meats help the metabolism to fire up and burn calories quickly.

I feel if you and your coach are both knowledgeable in what you are doing, when to tweak things, add or decrease calories there should be no room for failure. I did feel as though with my second year competing and the second coach I was with my body wasn't quite where I knew it could be and I believe that was lack of knowledge and not knowing when to change or switch things up - or taking calories out to soon. It is all a science and you need to be with someone you trust and someone that truly knows what they are doing. I have had to go through a few coaches to find out who works best for me, only you know what works, so don't settle if you don't feel like you're bringing out your best or your coach is not helping you to bring out your best.

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I keep my diet consistent and my routine consistent. I don't like to switch things up to much from day to day. Consistency is key, once you can create a habit for yourself it becomes second nature you don't even think about it you just do it. I wake up do HIIT, then eat meal 1 then strength train, go about my day then second cardio in the evening when I come home from work, and it's the same every day. I eat every 2-3 hours and pretty much eat the same thing everyday with the exception of adding or lowering calories depending on what mu goals are for that period of time.

On Stage

It has taken me years to build the self confidence I have, and every day is a step closer to building it even more. I found something that I love, something that makes me feel good and strong mentally and emotionally, so the physical body that comes with that to me is just a bonus. I also feel the more team spirit you have the more you support those around you the better you will feel because everyone is on their own fitness journey and building people up makes you feel good and also pumps you up. Use others to motivate you not bring you down.

This past show was very surreal. I had every obstacle in the world trying to bring me down, from my personal life to my professional life, it was like one hit after the other- BUT I had a new coach and a new goal and I wasn't about to let anything stand in my way. This was a great show because there were so many seasoned athletes that were competing it made the experience that much more enjoyable and rewarding. It all came so quickly but the feeling of joy I have in my heart will be there forever. I am so proud of all I have accomplished especially mentally because this sport can make or break you. I took it and flew with it because it was either make a change I my life or continue to be un happy and let the weight of the world bring me down- no one is in control of my success but me. So I took it by the reigns and ran with it.

I was so worried I would be nervous and shake on stage because I have in previous shows but this show was a little different, I had a lot of people there to watch me, a lot of people I felt I needed to impress... just before I hit the stage I took a deep breath remembered why I started this journey, thought about my kids my loving fiance my extremely supportive fiance, my incredibly wonderful coaches, and I walked out on that stage with the biggest smile, no shakes, just pure happiness and confidence. It was the BEST feeling- nothing can ever compare to that. Going into the evening show I had no expectations, as I told you before there were ALOT of beautiful athletes there that day and I was just honored to share the stage with each one of them. I went up against 6 girls in my class 2 of which were trained by the same coach- so as you know their bodies were amazing!!!

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When they called my name for the 1st place win-I was so overwhelmed with joy. There are really no words that can express. Then as all the first place winners went on stage to see who won the overall...I remember looking at the girls beside me and thinking- wow these judges have a very tough job- everyone looked stunning.... it came down to those final moments and I had so much going on in my head-- all the steps that led me to the stage, emotions I've had to overcome, everything, then they called my hands went up to my face in shock and I started to cry.. The emotions the feelings were so surreal there are no words that can truly express how I felt at that moment. I still feel like it's a dream when I say "I'm ms figure Manitoba' but it is probably one of the most proudest moments (other than when my children were born) that I have ever had the pleasure to experience.

My next Show is on August 13, 2016 where I will be heading to the national stage. CBBF Nationals in new west minister BC. Again, there are no expectations. Just honored to be up with so many incredible athletes and be able to grace the national stage with everyone.

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