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I always played sports growing up, stayed active but never the weightlifting aspect until I graduated High School. I had been lifting weights for about a year after I had graduated when I decided I wanted to compete, and another year later I competed in my first show at Figure Level!

The only thing that changes for me from prep diet to off season is the calorie intake. I still eat the same nutrient dense foods like in prep just at a higher percentage for growth! One thing I've learned about dieting even in the weight loss stance is cutting carbs entirely is completely ineffective. Our bodies need carbs to thrive and even during peak week are necessary to maintain the muscles!

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As far as my training went I've always been adamant in my work ethic to push myself to the absolute limits, while maintaining the correct form, and I've always trained with the push pull method. It's what I've found to be most effective for me! Cardio is always maintained in prep and off season, just the levels of intensity and time change.

Before stepping on stage for my competition I was never a fan of speaking in front of large groups, but something about being able to exhibit all my training and weeks of dieting put my mind at ease for being on stage. I'd worked hard to gain all that muscle and conditioning! I wasn't about to leave it under wraps.

As far as my shows went, I loved the atmosphere, the smell of spray tan in the air, and for the most part the community I had gotten to build with several men and women in the NPC, almost all of which I am still friends with! Prejudging was when the moment had set in for me that the next morning I'd be on stage in a glamorous bikini with four layers of tan and my hair and make up all done. I was anxious but more than ready. Now that I've decided to make this a full time goal, I can say that being an athlete has changed my entire perspective. My schedule is planned around training rather than planning training around work, and I still carry a bag full of prepped food everywhere I go!

My future plans include knocking out two more shows at the end of this year, one including the Texas State Championships, and nationals to come in July of 2018! I'm procard hungry and procard bound!

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