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Ashlee: Growing up I was always a competitive athlete playing basketball, volleyball, and track. I love athletics and training. I would go the extra mile in highschool and go lift weights in the fieldhouse with the football players at 6am before school ever started. This is when I really fell in love with lifting. I was excited by how good I felt and was inspired to get stronger and stronger always pushing myself to lift something heavier and heavier. Throughout college I work in several gyms, still consistently training and getting stronger. After a 5 year career at Golds Gym where I had become an exceptionally strong female, I decided I was ready to compete. A job change from corporate to independent business owner allowed me the time to dedicate to competing.

Ashlee Alfred

Ashlee Alfred

Off-season it's all about balance. I find that my body needs a good balance of carbs, proteins, and fats to keep cravings aside and maintain energy and muscle size. I do allow myself to cheat but I have learned that even in off-season you are NEVER REALLY "OFF." You must learn to control nutrition habits year around or it will set you too far back and it will take you substantially longer to prepare for the stage. I learned this the hard way. Too build or increase size I always drastically increase calories but spread them evenly across the day. The largest bulk I did was about 4000 calores per day, but this was a short bulk, then I went back down to about 3000.

In-season I am a all-or-nothing type of girl. I must eat clean meals and eat consistently 5-6 times per day or I will end up getting insane cravings and fall off the wagon. I need to control everything from condiments used on my food to the exact amount of veggies consumed. I find if I slack in 1 area then I will begin to slack in other areas. Carb tapering or carb cycling seems to work for me as well in the in-season prep. I never drop my calories drastically, it's just not smart or effective. I slowly taper calories and I have never gone below 1500 per day.

Failed diet: The only one that comes to mind is when people have cut carbs completely out. This is absolutely ridiculous to me. I have cut carbs completely for just a few days to do a glycogen depletion and I cannot believe that people actually do this all the time. There is no way I could maintain any muscle mass or energy by doing this.

Supplements: Creatine. I am a true believer in creatine and I have taken creatine for about 8 years. I do cycle it off about every 3 months and I also load the first week and then scale the dose down. It dramatically increases my strength and endurance during training along with recovery. I love it!

Training: I cycle heavy with light weight training. When calories are very high, I lift very heavy and vice versa. I also periodically add in burnout/failure sets. I also add in plyometrics and I will do just about any exercise except long distance running! I train 6x per week and about 12 weeks out I start training 7x per week. I also listen to my body and if it feels tired like I'm not recovering properly, then I will take an additional day off.

Stage experience: Bodybuilding Pittsburgh Nationals 2014 was the most intense process I have been through. This was my first national show as a female bodybuilder and I was not sure what to expect. I was not intending on doing well, but I was going to do the show for the experience just to see what I was up against. And my intuition was correct, these ladies were monsters! It was a fun experience and I will do it again, however I went back to the drawing board to re-focus my efforts on what I needed to improve. I took a full year off from this show and then will begin prepping again to come in bigger and better than ever before :)

My goal is to compete at the end of 2015 to requalify for nationals and attend as many national shows in 2016 as possible to get my pro-card. My coach and I have bounced between physique and bodybuilding for my future but at this point we will just work hard and see how I look when the transformation is complete.

Ashlee Alfred
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