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Competing for me started as a "bucket list". At 50 years young I just wanted to step on stage and see what I could accomplish. However once I stepped on stage and won my first Bikini show and took overall I was "bitten". I knew from then on...I wanted to earn the title IFBB Pro.

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My diet changes drastically sad to say after I step off stage. However, it only took one time for me to see what would happen once I went all in. I learned my lesson when I literally inhaled "pull apart twizzlers" and bread of any kind which are my weakness, along with cupcakes to top it off. When I did eat meat I had BarBQ ribs for 3 days straight! All that to say I blew up like the Pillsbury dough girl. The combination of sodium, sugar and carbs took its toll on my body.
When I am not in competition mode I eat what I want in moderation as long as I commit to working out regularly (4-5 days a week). I eat healthy regularly - Lots of green and colorful vegetables, low carbs and my protein in every way I can get it. As a vegetarian, it is very easy for me to meet the recommendations for protein. Seeing nearly all vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds contain some, and often much, protein.

I have stuck to the same diet plan for all of my competitions until I was told by the judges as a Figure Competitor to put some size on me. That is when I incorporated meat into my diet and that is when I went PRO! I could no longer eat the way I ate as a Bikini competitor. I was what you call a pescatarian, no meat but fish (Tilapia, salmon, asparagus, cucumbers, egg whites, oatmeal) If I wanted to run with the big dogs I had to eat like one. (Buffalo meat, grass fed beef, turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, one yoke in my eggs etc) Meat included in my diet seem to be the only way I put on size as mentioned before, I was a pescatarian.

My training components consist of cardio- Rebounding, Max-training, swimming: low impact. HIIT is always there it tighten, tone and strengthen my weak areas ...ABS and Quads. I balance my training with my diet in a way that the calories have to match what goes in must come out!

I have always been confident in and with my body so it was not a big deal to strut my stuff and show off my physique on stage.

I would have to reach back and say I will always remember how I felt when I went pro. I was confident going in because I had never seen my body transform the way it did. But of course when you see the rest of the competition you start to second guess your training, eating and your body. Back stage is no joke. It is such a mental game and if you know how to play it....YOU win. I can remember thinking to myself, "look girl you got this", you work your a$$ for this and you didn't come all the way to Pittsburg to let anyone take what you have worked so hard for". I had to talk to myself and remind myself who I was and WHO"S I am. I am A CHAMPION, I am a child of God, I am more, more, more, more than a conquer"! Once I started saying those things I begin to say...Congratulation PRO and that is what happened! The feeling I felt when they said and the new IFBB PRO Figure Competitor is ARNITA CHAMPION, was indescribable. Tears, joy, relief, thankful, breathless you name it!

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I have been an athlete all my life it seems. As a world class hurdler and a finalist the 84, 88, 92 and Olympic Trials, I can attest to the fact that when life happens with all of its ups and downs you have to go game mode, beast mode and take no prisoners. I have learned to apply the discipline, commitment and loyalty to my goals as I did when I was going for the gold. Life has a way of knocking you down, sucka punching you, blindsiding you and simply not given a damn about your tears. BUT that's when you have to go "Supernatural" instead of "Natural". That's when you have to walk by faith even when you can't see it, feel it or touch it.

Future plans: Now at 53 soon to be 54 in June I have a passion to educate all I can about the importance of being balanced spiritually and physically. We have to train our spirit man just as much as we train our physically man. For you see our physical bodies are dying daily no matter how much we feed it, alter it or pamper it but our spiritual being can only get stronger with the Water of Life, the Bread of Life...the Word of God! I plan on venturing back into the entertainment industry along with building my business online, in books and every social media platform.


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