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My name is Arianna Tate, I am 23 years old. I never had a strong interest in the fitness industry. All of that changed overnight when my mother passed away when I was 17 years old. Got into training and fitness as a way to cope with my lost, immediately started training for bikini competitions and was hooked ever since. Competed in my first contest in October 2012 and my second show in November of that same year. Placed 4th in my division in both contests. Decided to take the whole 2013 competitive season off to put on some much needed muscle to my physique to improve my overall symmetry.

In Oct 2014, I did my last show in bikini and made the top 15, realized that my symmetry and aesthetics are not made for this class. So afterwards, I decided on focusing on going into another division that is better suited for me, the Figure class!

So, I trained hard and stayed super focused and diligent and took another year off competing and focused on doing a show in 2016! So glad I did that because going into the figure division was the best choice I've ever made!

Diet and Training:
For diet, I follow flexible dieting and I do good with moderate carbs and moderate fat with a weekly "refeed" each week. My body can't do high fat, low carb diets I tend to get low blood sugar and feel dizzy. During Off season, I immediately go into "reverse dieting" which is when you slowly increase your food each week to get your metabolic rate up depending on how your body is responding and tapering down cardio which is during the time muscle is built. Sometimes I'll have 1 weekly free meal.

During Contest prep, I tend to lower my food intake depending on progress and gradually upping cardio and usually cut cheats unless they're needed during prep. I do a mixture of Lifting, Cardio and HIIT.

Building Confidence to compete:
I trained hard, stayed consistent, and followed my diet, cardio and I practiced my posing 3-4 times a week. So, that definitely helped build confidence for me, plus I absolutely LOVE being on stage!

This recent contest was a moment I'll never forget! When I was back stage pumping up before prejudging, I was so excited just to get up on stage and show all my hard work to everyone! When walking out onto stage during prejudging, I was already in the center in my class and wasn't ever moved at all, not even once and it was the best feeling ever! Then I knew that I was in contention for winning my class!

At finals, I ended up getting 1st Place in Figure A. When it came time for the overall, I barely lost just by a few points and it just made me wanna get back to the gym and push that much harder now. It was such an amazing experience and I met a lot of people. I got great feedback from the judges which made me happy and only want to keep improving.

Future plans:
I will be competing in the fall of this year of 2016 at Northern Classic in Tacoma, WA. I'm looking to compete at a national level contest in 2017! My all time goal is to win a national title and get my IFBB pro card!
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Arianna Tate

Arianna Tate