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I started competing last year, I got involved about two years ago with a group in my home town called Refuel Nutrition who offered free workouts and wellness profiles. They set me up with a meal plan and I was able to loose about 10lbs. My friend Hannah mentioned last December that they have a bikini and physique team, called Smoothies and Blenderz, we decided to join together. And I competed in my first show last May.

After my first show I definitely experienced the post competition weight gain. I fell off my meal plan and definitely felt the consequences. I learned from my first show how important it is to stay on track. I use Herbalife products during training as well as in my off season. I stick to the meal plan my coaches Pat and Tawnya give me. My favorite product is from the Herbalife 24 line called Rebuild. It is a post workout drink that I take right after Crossfit workouts to help my muscles recover and stay strong.

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I have only ever used Herbalife products and the meal plan my coach Tawnya sets up for our team for competitions. I love it and have seen amazing results.

I have an amazing team that have become my best friends, they encourage and motivate me so much and are a big reason I am confident on stage. I practiced posing with girls on my team 3 times a week. There were many Friday nights you could find us at our nutrition club till about 10:30pm. Being confident in all my poses plays a HUGE role on stage.

I do a variety of different training programs to keep things interesting. I go to Refuel Nutrition 3 times a week for our free fitcamps, which are mainly HIIT style workouts. I do Crossfit 3 times a week, and during contest prep add lifting into the mix as well. To balance my diet I usually prep all of my meals on Sunday and make sure each morning I have all of my meals ready to go for the day so I can head straight from work to the gym.

?First sugar in 15 weeks?

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My last contest was so amazing, I compete with the International Physique League, and love how positive the atmosphere is. I hang out with my team back stage most of the time. We listen to music, joke around and just keep the mood really light and fun. I never really remember much about my time on stage, it is always such an adrenaline rush and that is about all I can remember. Finals, I try and just keep the mood light. It is always exciting to see how you and everyone on your team does.

I plan to start training again the beginning of January and my first show of 2017 will be in May.

You can follow my progress and training on Instagram: @annie.mink.

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Annie Minkler

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