Anne Freitas

Anne Freitas, the renowned Brazilian bodybuilder, shares her diet and training strategies with us.

Anne: Building muscle and maintaining yourself lean are two different phases, and will surely take much longer than if you divide into two separate phases and that is what I do.

My eating routine varies according to the phase of the preparation that I am. I usually have 7 to 8 meals a day, divided according to my demand and the carbohydrates necessity during the day.

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Anne Freitas.
An enduring symbol of success, determination and elegance.

They are simple meals composed of Proteins, Carbohydrates and Lipids, where Lipids are around 35% of the total calories, delimitating the Carbohydrate intake.

- Meal #1 20%
- Meal #2 10%
- Meal #3 10%
- Meal #4 20% (pre-workout)
- Meal #5 20% (post-workout)
- Meal #6 10%
- Meal #7 10%

So, in pre contest I have fewer quantities of carbohydrates, keeping the protein high. Therefore what basically changes from off to the pre contest season is the quantity of carbs and the kind of protein used. I only use red meat before training and basically have chicken breast and eggs, in the beginning of my pre contest diet.

By the end of my prep, I usually take out of my diet all ingredients that might have a big sodium level. Depending on how my body responds in the last week I can make a one or two days of zero carb, but we do everything to avoid this in order to preserve all lean muscle possible.

In off season when I am gaining muscle I use a lot of essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, nuts… and good complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato, oatmeal , whole rice…and also good proteins such as red meat, salmon, chicken breast, in greater quantities than in pre contest.

I also take supplements from my sponsor PROBIOTICA that helps me optimize the results, preserve lean muscle& recover faster than the usual.

These are some of them I consider essential for a good performance:
BCAA Ethyl Ester Pro Premium line – I usually take on my Pre& post workout; I find it essential for all the reactions of the synthesis of the muscle tissue.
Glutamina Probiotica - Powerful anti-catabolic, helping on the muscle recovery.
D Ribose Pro premium line – Pre workout, Assists in the availability of energy for the cells, improving the resynthesis of ATP, the main energy used in activities of high intensity.
Whey Pro 2 Isolate Pro Premium line – Post workout, Fast absorption whey protein, ideal to use immediately after training, nourishing your muscles.
Coconut Oil – Post workout, helps to take the whey protein into the muscle cells, it also helps burning fat and in the cardiovascular system.
100% Casein Protein Probiotica – I always take before going to bed, besides helping on the muscle recovery, it is slowly absorbed by the organism, nourishing your body for several hours, where I will not eat for a certain period.

I was lucky to find a great trainer "Ricardo Pannain" since my first contest. I always say that he's got the eye of an eagle, it is incredible how he can realize how each body responds and applies different techniques to each one of them. Ricardo Pannain is currently the best trainer in Brazil and certainly one of the top trainers worldwide.
Therefore, I never experienced such a thing, one of my best qualities was always my conditioning in each contest, I always improved and got better from one contest to the other. This is not like a cake recipe, each individual has to find what works best for each organism, therefore I consider essential to have a good trainer by your side.

In pre contest, there isn't a recipe that I can say it is my favorite, because having basically the same thing every single day during the months of your preparation is something hard to do. So I will put a recipe I usually have on my off season, which is healthy and nice to eat.
- Peel two oranges and cut them in slices.
- Grate two medium pieces of coconut.
- Put four egg whites on a blender and add as much sweetener you wish, blend the egg whites.
- As soon as the egg whites are ready, place them on a bowl and mix with the grated coconut.
- Put the orange slices nicely organized on the top of the egg whites already mixed the coconut to make a nice and delicious dessert.
This desert has to be done and eaten right away, otherwise the eggs whites can liquefy relatively fast. It tastes great, I love it!

The training methodology that I use is quite specific and according to my biological needs, created by my trainer Ricardo Pannain. What we change is the way we stimulate each periodization phase that I am. I workout from Monday to Saturday, one muscle group a day, emphasizing on the body parts I need to improve. My endurance trainings last about 40 minutes and my aerobic sessions also vary according to the phase I am. We do not usually use heavy weights but rather slow and concentrated movements , varying the full angle of the movement, but always with moderate weights and exercises with a lot of muscle contraction on the target, emphasizing both, eccentric and concentric phases. During the mesocycles of muscle quality and definition, we do some adjustments on the training method due to the fact that I feel weaker and with less nutrients because of my diet as the weeks go by and the day of the contest approaches. All this, is something that we do gradually as my physical condition changes.

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