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Competing kind of just fell in my lap! A friend of mine said that I would do well so I gave it a shot and won my first show overall without a coach! From there it was a snow ball effect and now I am addicted to the consistent thrive to evolve and grow as a person physically and mentally!

One day out! ???? - - Finally adding carbs in back to normal ?? - All checked in and got my number #153 ?? - Sitting back, resting, relaxing, and editing videos ?? - Peaking PERFECTLY to plan and couldnít be happier with the package Iím going to bring! ?? - All thatís left to do is throw on some tan and step on stage! Itís time to WORK THAT STAGE LADIES! The work is already done! Best wishes to all of the beautiful women competing this weekend at #jrUSAS AND the NY pro! If anyone sees this and is in SC, Iíll be here until Sunday, letís link up and eat some food ??(or throw some suggestions my way) shoot me a DM! - -

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Diet: I use an IIFYM system, so all food is on the same playing field. I never restrict myself and have an extremely good relationship with food because of this. My macros normally look pretty standard as far as percentage based off of caloric intake; 30% fat 30% protein 40% carbs, although I do tent to carb cycle. My off season and prep diet look pretty similar as far as types of food I enjoy eating (other than the glass or two of wine I enjoy on off season). My prep calories will go as low as 1700 calories daily, and my off season calories will get as high as 3500 calories per day. Off season weight 140lbs 5"10, stage weight 128lbs 5"10

Failed diet: KETO and Bro dieting is horrible! I have tried both and both gave me a binge eating disorder. When it comes to nutrition it's all a mental game and if your mind isn't on board then your body will not follow!

Self love and growth is the backbone of my training, on and off season! I practice self love and self care every single day. I also practice self affirmations every morning, and set aside time for my spiritual health through out each week.

I focus mainly on hypertrophy training when in contest prep, so about 70% of my max as far as weight. When it come to cardio I stick to 15mins of HIIT 3 days a week and some incline walking 2 days a week no more than 30mins. Off season I focus fully on strength training as HEAVY weights. Offseason I do not do intentional cardio.
I balance my training and diet through eating intuitively when my body is hungry. I don't force meals at certain times of the day, I let my body decide when it is time to eat to prevent any unnatural signals that could result in binge eating or cravings. I macro plan the night before in my fitness pal to make sure I am set up for success before the day even begins!

Stepping on stage is like no other feeling in the world!!! You have worked so hard for that moment and it is finally here! You walk into check ins surrounded by AMAZING athletes from all over the world! I have never met so many uplifting hardworking women in my life! Prejudging is my FAVORITE part because this is when you get to do your solo routine and really show the judges what you have been working so hard for! Finals are amazing to watch no matter how you place! If I could make a suggestion to any future competitors, do not base your show off of you placing, base your show off of the improvements you have made from your prior show! And when you see the girls up there who have won, know that it is their time and support them for their hard work and great achievements!!! Become friends with people higher up then you and you will start to thrive! Feed off of their energy and really become humbled by the experience and process as a whole!

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I have been an athlete since I was 18 (now 22) so being an athlete definitely put me on the straight and narrow to achieve excellence early on in life! When you're on prep, there is no games! You have to be 100% focused in or you're OUT! There is no in-between! Competing has taught meet who my true friends are and also that I can achieve anything I set my mind too!

Future plans this year; Compete in North Americans in August
Compete in NPC nationals in November
And take the rest of next year off to plan my wedding! Then start back up full speed in 2020!

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