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My urge to compete all started with watching Olympia in 2014. I was watching the Bikini athletes and I thought how it looked "easy" to do. Next think I knew, two weeks later, I started prep for my first ever NPC Bikini competition. After my first show experience, with all the preparation the day before and leading up to, I loved the feelings I had and it filled me with joy; it was right there that I knew this was for me. Since then, I have competed in a ABA Figure Show and another NPC Figure show; placing 2nd and then winning my class. Afterwards, I have been focusing on gaining size to I can compete with more mass and maybe transition into the physique division.

#TBT to lean bean Angela.. 135lbs of veiny smallness ???? taking those laterals to beyond failureee ????

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Diet and Training

Unlike other competitors, my off season diet changes a LOT compared to prep... There are no such things as low calorie or no carbs day. When off season hits, I focus mainly on mass and strength gains. I do what I need to do and give my body everything I can to grow effectively. Off season is the TIME for improvement and gaining as much muscle as I can. Every meal has carbs, fats and protein in them, except occasionally I would not have carbs before bed (didn't like how it sat in my stomach). I also incorporated an intra-workout carb drink. Carbs were HIGH around my workouts and still high for the main meal right afterwards (after my post-workout shake, protein + carbs). In prep, I have experimented with a variety of diets to find which one works out best... I believe the best thing a person can do is try different diets until they find one that works best for them. Currently, and so far it's the best diet I've done, is just cycling a majority of my carbs pre, intra, post workout, and afterwards throughout the day. Fats are mainly meal 1 and last, but I still have minimal amounts in all the rest of my meals, with none immediately post workout. Protein stays high, but that doesn't mean outrageous; roughly 4-5 oz or so per meal, depending on the day.

Failed diet: The one where I have not enjoyed the most is a keto/very low carb diet. Yes I understand some of the benefits and how it is and can be very effective for weight-loss, but, for myself, I want to keep my strength gains and keep increasing them during prep (preserving and gaining muscle mass). The most effective prep I can have, is where my workouts and cardio sessions are fueled properly so that I feel good... this for me, has been the most effective way to lose weight. If your workouts are great and the intensity stays high, the weight for me falls right off. Once I get too tired and my workouts aren't as effective, then everything seemed to drag down. The only time where I have got this feeling, is when I have been 2 weeks out. If you're feeling like shit at 12 weeks out, you're doing something wrong.

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Training: I have done a few different splits before: push, pull, legs; back, chest, shoulders, arms, legs; hitting everything 2x a week, and so on. I have been focusing recently on hitting my back and shoulders twice a week, and everything else only once. My legs do not need anymore size as of right now, due to them over powering my back, so that's why I am only doing them once. I am only doing steady state cardio post lift, only for a few miles a day. Once I get deeper into a prep, I typically split up my cardio and lifting, only because it gives my body more time to recover and I just feel a lot better when doing this. I've only done HIIT a few times in the last couple preps, otherwise it's usually steady state and only have incorporated fasted cardio if it is necessary. Balancing training with diet is very easy. I talked about it a lot before, but once you find out what works best for your body --- You, Training AND Diet all go hand-in-hand. I have been doing my own diet, along with other clients diets, and there is no 'one-plan fits everyone' type deal. Everyone is different... And yes, you may have to experiment with a hand-fill of diets to figure out which one works best for you... but once you find that perfect fit, everything becomes easy after that.

On Stage

Each time I have stepped on stage, I have got a RUSH so intense I don't even know how to describe it. My body gets filled with endorphin's and I feel so happy. My first show I was VERY nervous that I couldn't stop shaking, but once the night show started all those nerves had settled and I strutted myself with ease. During each prep, self-confidence would get build more and more as I kept getting leaning. Don't get me wrong, I still had those days where I would mind-fxck myself and think I look horrible, but once I'd start lifting I'd see new veins or striations, and that boosted my self-esteem right back up. Leaning down, especially when your muscles get flat, can take a toll on you... it feels like somedays your head isn't thinking straight -- but it always gets better, you just need to KEEP PUSHING through it and everything will always get better.

I have so many feelings, emotions and memories from each and every one of my shows.. But the best experience I'd love to share, that represents all of my shows I've done so far... is the memories I get to make with my parents. My parents have helped, and been at every single one of my shows. Whether it's Dad always driving my Mom and I to the shows, or if it's all of us in a plane together flying to a show location, or even if it's been Mom helping me shave my body and Dad trying to have a flex-off with me... They have always been there. They have put up with my crabby/happy/hungry/excited/tired/depleted show-day self, yet we always enjoy dinner afterwards and reflect upon the show and how fun of a trip/experience it's been. The experiences I have made with them along my side, even from talking about the show and the critiques/placings of the judges, have and are the most important memories I have had with my shows. Other than the support I have from my parents, the show day goes so extremely fast and it's just a whirl-wind of emotions, and once it's done...there's no more going back; so I try to make the most out of it and enjoy every moment I can, even though I'm super tired and cannot wait to sleep and eat post show.

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Future plans: As of now, I am looking at competing in 2017. I want this coming year to be the BEST I have ever looked. I do not want to look back and think I could've done better. I want to take my body and my strength to the next level. I want to bring my best conditioning, while keeping my strength and possibly doing a powerlifting meet as well. I want to be known as strong while still getting/being lean, when it comes closer to a show. I know other girls who have taken this route before, so I know it is possible -- That's why I am slowly starting to lean down right now, while increasing my strength on my main lifts. I also am wanting to grow my personal training business, "Angela Beth Training," and help more clients achieve their goals, whether it involves general weightloss, mass/strength gains, or even competing. I love helping the clients I have now achieve their goals and overcome things they didn't think were possible! It's exciting!
*This coming year will be a challenge in some aspects, but it's a challenge that I cannot wait to conquer!

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