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I have always been fit and started exercising from a young age, I was a big fun of aerobic, pilates in my teenage years. I was doing mostly cardio until one day when I started having health issues due to the fact that my muscles weren't strong enough, that's how I begun to work out with weights, at the beginning only to strengthen my back muscles, until it became an addiction.

What you see on stage at competitions is the ultimate form your body can get, you get there by following tough diets. My last prep I've managed to get my body fat at 3.9% obviously you cannot maintain that shape during the whole year it's neither productive, if you would like to add more muscle nor healthy. Mainly when I am offseason my diet includes more carbohydrates, I'm very insulin sensitive and that means I can tolerate a lot of carbs, I am also ectomorph and that means It's very hard to put on weight, in this situation I have to eat a lot maybe the diet of 100kg bodybuilder. During contest preparation I tend to cut some of the carbs but not all and I add some Cardio session to help burn the extra fat. I have tried ketogenic diet in the past, and that hasn't worked well for me, it might work for other body types but not mine.

My training program it's different offseason than during prep, offseason I only do resistance training meaning only weights training not even 1 min of cardio. I usually start my prep 12 weeks before the competition, i gradually add fasted cardio and very low intensity cardio post workout to my routine, I can get up to 2 weights trainings per day and 2 Cardio trainings per day, that's how intense you have to train to get that shredded physique.

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I guess when you work that hard to achieve a certain physique, you are more than excited to show off all that hard work so it just comes by itself, also the experience of competing helps, once you get used to the stage lights that's it, sometimes you just want the moments to last longer.

I recently did OLYMPIA Amateur San Marino, I was super excited as it was the first time competing in IFBB. It was a great experience, I didn't spend to much time back stage as I was scheduled to be on stage later that expected, and I arrived last minute, I was super nervous as I didn't have my last tanning coat done so you can figure out the rush and the panic, sometimes back stage can drive you crazy so you just have to try your best and get in your Zone.

At the moment I'm offseason but I will soon start my contest prep, it will be for sure for an OLYMPIA or ARNOLD CLASIC SHOW this summer.

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