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My name is Andrea Villalobos; I started competing last year (August 2016) as it has always been my passion and a dream that I am finally living. I started working out when I was 15 years old and since then it became my passion, nonstop training until date. I just love the changes that go along with training and diet and it is just a lifestyle that I enjoy so much because it really makes me feel good with myself. I always think that you have to give your best in everything you do and work hard for your dreams.

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Diet: I always watch what I eat so I try to eat clean all year round. I canít lie though, I love eating so much but I control myself when it comes to diet. My pre-contest diet doesnít change too much from off-season, I just try to be more strict with my portions and measure everything what I eat especially carbs. I donít really count calories but macros I do. What I find more effective during that season is carb cycling. It is a way that helps me to burn fat and keeps building lean muscle mass while doing cardio during that extreme season.

Since I started training at 15 years old, I just fell in love of looking to figure competitors and the way their body look. By that, I decided I wanted to compete so I started doing research of what these women do. Of course nobody was guiding me by that time so I just decided doing my own thing thinking I knew what I was doing but of course not. I started making diet by myself but I started losing muscle until I became ďskinny fatĒ. I wasnít looking tone or any definition at all! What failed was that I wasnít consuming enough carbs and protein to keep my muscles full. I was more concerned of keeping my calories low but I did it the wrong way. Then, I realized that the most important is to keep a balance healthy diet with their carbs, proteins, and fats.

My training program consists of heavy weight training 5x a week (focusing in training legs, back and shoulders 2x a week) and I do cardio twice a day, one session in the morning and other after training 5-6 times a week for 25-30 min depending on how my body looks. I love doing HIIT (High intensity intervals) especially in the morning on an empty stomach (fastened) because it helps to speed up your metabolism and you get it done faster! On my non-workout days I like to lower my carbs a little since I am not really using them.

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I really built my self-confidence to be on stage by people that support me and appreciate what I do. I love to inspire and motivate others to be the best version of them and do the best they can in everything. When I feel the love and appreciation of the hard work making them to feel motivated to do the same things I do with my body and in life makes me feel more confidence of continuing doing what I love.

Since I did my first show last year I knew that this is what I wanted to do. Such an amazing experience and all the kind people that you meet around. One of my experiences in one of my recent shows is when I was getting ready for prejudging and one part of my tan in my chest was ruined because water spilled on it. I was trying to cover it with makeup but it was getting worst. One of the girl competitors that was by my side seeing what was going on offered me her spray tan and thanks God that made it look even. Almost I was falling in panic seeing my tan so ruined. So, that make it clear that not only you are competing but you also make good friends in this industry. It is definitely an enjoyable experience.

Being an athlete keeps you busy well, but I love being busy anyways by doing what I love. I would say my career keeps me a little isolated from friends and family. I donít socialize much because I always keep focus of what I want to accomplish in life so I just work for my goals. I am a physical therapist assistant besides a figure athlete and at this moment I am at school working on my doctorate degree for physical therapist so, I am running all the time from one place to another. From work treating patients, go to train, get my cardio done, school, and go back home to study. The important thing in life is being happy of what you do so anything seems difficult.

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My plan by the end of the year is to compete in the Eastern USA Championships show in November. I am working on improving my physique in order to step on stage with a better package and always working on being the best version of myself.

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