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Update, May 2017

I have an extensive background in ballet, gymnastics, athletics as well as ballroom dancing for over 17 years. I was born in Czech Republic but I studied in Australia where I became top Personal Trainer and I came to Canada in 2010 and started working as a Personal Trainer here. 3 years later I opened together with my husband my own Business now called My Trainer 365. I have been a trainer/nutritionist for over 15 years and I have been actively competing since 2012. I had the opportunity to compete in different categories from bikini, figure/body fitness to women's physique. I've started competing because I was looking for a challenge in my physique and I absolutely love being on stage. I have been on stage since a very young age (I was 4 when I started with ballet), I also performed a lot in Ballroom dancing so switching into fitness performance was not that difficult.

Current update from #training and #posingpractice ??I'm so happy with the #progress i'm making and i'm ready to show my best at my next show ???? IFBB Diamond Cup in Portugal ???? #Coming4You #GoforGold #czechgirl *Since i recently competed in Malta and didn't place as i planned, i decided to use my body ability to bring even better #physique as 5 weeks post show is the best time for an improvement. Watch out, Follow my journey and keep your fingers xx ?? Thank you for all pic @ondrej.leipert and your support ???? #numerouno

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I always maintain my physique during off-season in excellent shape so starting a prep isn't that difficult for me. In my off-season I eat more variety off food where I apply more healthy fats, carbs, vegetables and here and there some extra something if I have a sweet tooth but I choose wisely between "junk food" and healthy treats (yes I can choose healthier cheesecake rather some cheap crap). I do believe in balance and I don't want to hurt my body as I love competing and want to be on stage as long as I can. During my prep season I react the best to low carb, low fat diet but it all depends on how my body is responding. Weekly changes to my meal plan are a must as my body reacts fast. I never use zero carb diet as I have very fast metabolism and I do much less cardio than when I first started competing.

I would not say I have ever failed at some diets but some work better than others. Every person is different and for instance I don't respond really well to high fat as my body has issues digesting fats but I respond well if I have high protein, low-med carbs and healthy fats. In fact, high fat diet is very popular and effective among competitors.

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Training: I have to say that when I first started I did so much cardio but now, I typically do 30-35 min of cardio 4-5 x a week alternating between steady and HIIT and I also love to go out for a run. Some days are harder than others and especially when my energy is low, I have to keep my focus 100% but that is all part of the journey. I weight lift 6x a week, sometimes I go 2x day to shock my body but at the same time if I feel really tired I don't mind to take an extra day off and come back the next day and feel rested, sometimes our body needs to rest longer or more.

My best experience was the Arnold Classic in Africa, Johannesburg last year when I still competed in Women's Physique and I placed 5th in the finals. It was spectacular moment for me. I still remember all the people who lined up outside of the auditorium wanting to take a pic with me. It was so amazing having so much love around. Also this show was one the best organized shows I have ever been to in the last 6 years. Really these guys in Johannesburg did an excellent job. In Africa I also met with my former client and made new friends which is the best part of competing I found. Sharing love and passion with those who understand your world is a gift.

Since I work as a trainer and nutritionist being fit for me is a must so I can constantly be the role model for my clients and friends. I love my job, competing and preparing clients for contests.

At the moment I am preparing for the IFBB Diamond Cup in Portugal on June 2nd. I will be competing in Figure/ Body Fitness.

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