Anaika Nair - Fashion Model / Actor / Singer

Anaika Nair
Age: 20

Iíve always been the person who believed in staying fit and being healthy. Well thank God Iíve been blessed with good genes, or rather thanks to my parents! I never really had to work on my body, except for a little abdominal fat or stubborn thigh fat. PS: Iím a pear shaped woman, so I tend to carry fat on my lower body. Iíve been gymming since 2 years now, although Iím not very regular (due to travelling for shoots etc), I see to it that I at least donít miss out on my cardio. And yes, I have a fixed diet too and I follow it correctly.

I am 20 now, and I still have a year more for my graduation, I never really want to take part in pageant shows until then, since I believe in doing one thing at a time. But yes I have participated in a few fashion shows, like campus diva etc, and the important thing is you learn so many new things. You learn your mistakes and rectify your flaws. It has always been a great experience performing under the spotlight! Also, I have lately been judging a few fashion shows in colleges across Mumbai and it feels great! From being one of the contestants, to being a judge, itís an overwhelming experience!

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Challenges: So yes, although I never really had to struggle to get in shape, I did manage to get through a few bad days. And it is okay, as the question itself says, itís a challenge and not a problem! I take things positively and I fight through it. I did get unwell sometimes in the past, and yes I wouldnít deny it was not a struggle, but what has mattered was how I got through it. I changed my diet plans, workout regime/ timings, got to rectify my mistakes and get through the challenges.

Training: I train everyday and I have a fixed timing- I workout in the morning, when Iím not very tired or drained out. I start with stretching exercise, followed by cardio for next 20 minutes. And then followed by the weight training session. So in a week, I have a day rest that is Sunday- which I call the lazy day, and the other days in the week I never miss out on my training. Even if not weight training, cardio is something I never miss out on any day. For instance, on Monday if itís upper body, the next day itís lower body and the third day, only the cardio session. That is my training routine.

Nutrition: Okay so the first thing I have on an empty stomach Ė is fresh cut fruits, with lemon juice mixed with honey. Also, I consume a few almonds (soaked in water the previous night) along with it. Then post that, I take my whey protein supplement and workout for about an hour. Then after the workout, I have a protein bar or whey again to balance out on the protein. After two hours, I have my home made breakfast- could be anything- - fermented food items, poha, sandwiches, etc. The key is to eat every two hours and not starve. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

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For me life is all about learning and experiencing new things, it is okay to make mistakes, but what matters is how you grow as a person. I am becoming a better and more intelligent person each day and that is what matters. I have become emotionally and mentally strong and life is all about that, life is beautiful!

Future goals: Well, where should I start from? Future goals, like every other girl, is just not being a model or an actress or just being famous. For me, ďgoalsĒ is being happy in life in whatever youíre doing. One doesnít have to be rich to be successful; it is doing whatever you always wanted to do and being happy. Also, making my parents proud. Anyway, practically put, I aspire to become a successful model/actress, a playback singer and a good businesswoman, and oh! A good human being too!


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