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Update, August 2017.

Recently I have been preparing for a national NPC competition. The stakes are much higher as you face the top of the nation, others who are proven in their craft and passion, and have the same goals as you do. This makes a prep much more.... difficult and easier at the same time. The high stakes creates additional stress to deal with, greater expectations, and higher goals. But it is easier to stay motivated because the pay off is so much greater.

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My current prep has been more rigorous as I have learned through the past 2 years what works and, more importantly, what doesn't work for my body. Your body is amazing and adapts to diverse conditions placed upon it, so what works one prep might not work the next. That's important to understand and accept. It's not that anything is wrong, it's that you have to be smarter than your body and trick it into losing that body fat, maintaining or building muscle, and staying healthy. Learning to listen to my body and figure out what doesn't work is the most important part. I think that for any woman, competitor or not, learning to trust our bodies, to listen when we can push harder or when we need to step back, is the most difficult lesson.

My challenges during prep are keeping my hormone levels balanced. As a masters division athlete, I have a lot of crazy fluctuations as my body changes. Some I can control with careful focus, like maintaining my stress levels low, sleeping enough at night, taking supplements that will help keep my body healthy and balanced. But some things, like monthly hormone changes, can spike or drop and, if as women, we aren't careful, they can sometimes spiral out of control. This is an added difficulty that we as bodybuilders and competitors face as women that men don't have as a challenge. We overcome much more to bring our bodies to their peak than most men. We need to recognize this and take care of ourselves. Again, supplements and vitamins are exceedingly important in this aspect of my training. I use a few different products, but especially a good liver support, a metabolism support, right now "High Metabolism" and a testosterone support, yes we have testosterone too ladies, called "Strength Test" by Rock Solid Nutrition. All 3 products are important to my hormone regulation and staying healthy.

I'm pretty embarrassed to post this, but this is my #projourney and I'm gonna share the next 2 months. Here's to #teamoldballs bringing home the pro card! Going for IFBB pro in PA at then end of August, so I have 8 weeks to show time. I've been wanting to compete this year, but between accidents, moving, health issues, life. .. well, it feels like now or never. So here's my first (annoying & embarrassing) post about #operationprocard . ?? Not sure how... I was weighing in at 121.8# on Saturday.... Feeling good, looking pretty lean. Now, 3 days later, eating clean, doing my cardio, my body hates me and packed on 4 additional pounds. FML So here we go, not much time, but 2 a day cardios, clean, CLEAN eats, managing stress, taking my supps, and just trusting the process. Here's to making me jealous of that mirror!!

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My life right now revolves around my upcoming competition. I am acutely focused on my health, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, to make sure that I am at my best when I get on that national stage. Anything that is not supporting my health has to be put aside, at least for the time being. The greatest struggle is keeping my stress under control. I think this is the greatest lesson for any competitor, to learn to enjoy the process and don't stress!

My future plans are to compete for that Olympia stage. This is the first big check off of getting my IFBB pro card. I have recently signed contracts with several supplement companies and enjoy helping others reach their goals in and out of the gym. That stage is only one part of a goal. The bigger goal, the bigger picture, is health. I want to help others feel fulfilled in all aspects of their life, with their outside matching the inner beauty.

7 weeks out, focused and dedicated. Morning fasted cardio= check Daily workouts= check Eating clean, whole foods=check No cheating=check Nightly cardio=check Supplements = check Awesome team= YOU! =CHECK!

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I'd like to thank my sponsors, Rexius Nutrition and Rock Solid Nutrition for their support and excellent products during this prep. I would also like to thank Scott Cushman @scophoto for his amazing artwork. He is a master at capturing muscle and beauty. TMarie Suits for her beautiful designs I ALWAYS grace on stage. Buffalo Tile for their continued support in sports and fitness. There are so many others that have supported me, the list is nearly endless, but a big thank you to everyone liked and listed on my pages. FB: Amber Rock Solid; IG: harley_ninja, Model Mayhem: Amber Tallent. Feel free to reach out with questions or comments through any of my social media outlets.

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