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What led me to competing stretches back to when I was in a serious car accident. I gained a bit of weight from the pain medications and wanted to get back in shape. My trainer at the time was competing in the NPC and I went to see him at his Europa competition and fell in love with the sport ever since.

In past seasons, the diet would change slightly but not by much, only difference is when I'm in the 10 weeks out stage "treat meals" are limited to for in macros. Now that I'm with new coaching team, we have realized my body responds better to having a meal plan personalized for me rather than working in IIFYM just because it takes the guessing out the mix and I receive results faster.
Diet plans that I was working with pretty much all my competitions with the exception of this last one was the IIFYM. Now as far as giving options of food it was great, but it came to the point where I kept myself isolated from really going out much just because of I did, I would find myself on myfitnesspal trying to add meals out at restaurants and just taking the fun out of going out. Now I'm not saying IIFYM doesn't work, cause it does; but for me and really taking this competing serious I wasn't leaning out as quickly as I should and its trial and error. Love IIFYM, just not an in season thing for me.

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Self-confidence: Ooh, that's a good question LOL! I think I'm still building that confidence with each competition and just being relaxed on stage. I've never really been a shy one, more of an extroverted introvert -but I've always been comfortable in my own skin so walking around with 20% of my body covered is a cake walk haha.. I think main thing for me is to work on is just really relaxing on stage and keep the happy medium between stiff bot and twerk queen. Working on it though.

My training is a combination of weight training, fasted cardio and regular cardio sessions. Hopefully my coaches will have mercy on me and not make me hit the stairmaster cause lawwwdd. I absolutely love to lift and shoulders and glute training are my faves. In regards to diet balance, prepping is essential without it I'm bound to fail. I used to prep for a whole week out but realizing after Day 4 I was hating life cause just tasted horrible so I prep 3 days at a time to keep it fresh. My coaches usually send me a grocery list Saturday and I shop and prep between Saturday and Sunday.

My recent competition was this past Saturday (9/22) Tim Gardner's Hurricane Bay Championships in Clearwater, FL. I was had so much fun at his show. Everything from check-in to end of show went smooth! Great goodie bags too. Just the flow of the show made it easy to relax. One thing I can definitely attribute that experience to was having my coaches there walking me and helping me with everything! Up until this last show, I really did everything on my own and didn't really have anyone at the show with me -so I was so busy doing things-I didn't really have time to be nervous. This show was totally different and even though I had a little bit of pre show jitters; it became a blast for me because I had folks cheering me on and really making sure I was off my feet and relaxing (which ladies you don't know how much that makes a difference) Finals was great, even though I didn't make first call outs I had a chance to showcase myself with my routine along with getting judges' feedback to get there for next show.

For me being an athlete or doesn't affect my life, it is my life. Being healthy in general is a lifestyle, can't pick and choose has to be a living and breathing deal to get the long lasting results. I absolutely Love going to the gym and training because I know that in order to accomplish my goal of becoming an IFBB Pro, this has to be taken seriously. I'm extremely blessed that I have friends that are supportive along with my teenage son that comes to the gym with me and doesn't mind eating some prep food. Not to say it's easy or that I haven't lost what I thought were good friends along this fitness journey. But I've made friends that understand this lifestyle and that is a blessing!

Future goals: Yes, now we work! Getting the judges feedback- now my coaches and I make some small tweaks and I work on my posing and I will be back next year in that first call out again.


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