Amanda Lanier - Bikini Competitor

* 1st in Novice Class E and 2nd in Open Class E, 2017 Governor's Cup.

Ever since I was 13 years I was always interested in fitness. It wasn't until I was 16 years old that I purchased my first workout DVD, Windor Pilates by Marie Windsor. Once I was 18 years old I was finally able to get my own gym membership. I started training consistently, eating right and eventually the results came. I met like-minded individuals at the gym, specifically, Dezzari Ochoa, Figure Competitor. She reached out to me through social media and asked me why on earth am I'm not competing? And I thought that was a damn good question considering my lifestyle. Eat, train, sleep, repeat. I guess I never really realized there were contest for these types of things. I started watching YouTube footage from previous shows and I was just completely amazed at the bikini physiques. I knew I wanted to be like that girl on stage. Dez offered to help coach me for my very first competition. She trained and mentored me for my first show, The Sacramento Championships on November 14, 2016. We did a 20 week prep which flew by! I took 1st in Novice and 3rd in Open.

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Contest Prep

My diet drastically changes from "off season" or what I would like to call "improvement season" simply by increasing/decreasing overall macro intake. I maintain 135 pounds on 2,500 calories. Contest prep is more like 1,500-2,000 calories considering you need to be in a deficit in order to lose fat. To build muscle you need to intake a lot of protein so it was high protein, moderate fat and low carbs.

I must say, being a mesomorph, I do well on a low carb and high fat diet such as the Keto diet. For my first show I kept carbs in for a majority of my prep and I didn't come in as lean as I did in my second show, I believe the Keto diet helped with that. I held a lot of weight in my lower half and the more cardio I did nothing seemed to help. I switched to keto and the weight just melted off. My body functions better when burning fat as fuel rather than carbs. I cannot stress how important it is to figure out which body type you are so that your meal and training plan is designed particularly for YOUR body. What works for your coach, mom, friend, co-worker etc. will not necessarily work for you. Our bodies are all different. You want to be a successful competitor, invest in a successful coach. I am now training with IFBB Pro Mister Taylor and his lovely lady, Nesha Ward, Physique Competitor and founders of Team SMSB, "Strong Mind, Strong Body" In Stockton, Ca.

I do cardio 2x a day, 30 minutes fasted in the morning and 30 minutes post workout. 3 of those sessions are HIIT cardio for a higher calorie burn. I lift 6 days a week targeting a different muscle group each day. My macros are designed for heavy expenditure days. For instance, if I'm lifting a big muscle group such as legs or back, I will make sure my meals for that day incorporate higher carbs then on a normal lifting day where I didn't have quite as heavy of an expenditure. Large muscle groups require more energy therefore more calories.

On Stage

Confidence is an earned not given. I practiced every chance I got, every time I appeared in a mirror I'd hit my front pose, I didn't care if I was in the middle of the mall, I'd hit it. You have to be so confident in your routine that it comes second nature to you. You must to put in the work, there's no way around it. Ever heard the saying "Fake it until you make it"? Well it couldn't be any more true. You honestly need to get in the mind frame that your shit doesn't stink. Because honestly, for those 10 seconds, IT DOESN'T! Keep in mind that you just worked 20+ weeks preparing your body for only 10-20 seconds on stage so I better own it! Don't get me wrong, I still have things to work on and yes, I still get nervous. But then again I also have a little pep talk with myself, I get in the zone, and push all nerves aside and remember this is MY time to shine!!

Recent contest experience: I honestly felt calm at the Athlete check in meeting. I felt content, I know I brought my best package yet and I wasn't going to let any other female make me think less of myself. We are all here for the same reason, to be judged, and I know in my mind that it's only the judge's opinion that matters, not the girl in line behind me or in front of me. Knowing I did my very best to bring my best package to date made me feel like a million dollars on stage at pre-judging. It's an incredible feeling to be moved to the center of the stage while the judges move all the other women around you to be compared. As I stood dead center I felt on top of the world, I knew I had probably just placed first. Yes, it can all change at finals but when you know, you know. At the Governor's Cup I took 1st in Novice Class E and 2nd in Open Class E. I'm now Nationally Qualified to compete at the National level! Mission accomplished!

I'll take that #DeadCenter !! Anyday!! #ExcuseMe #ThatsMySpot ?? Dead Center class E and 1st call outs in Open ??????but of course, we'll find out tonight???? #ShowMyMax #MaxMuscleStockton #TeamMax #MaxNation #NLFP #TeamNLFP #BIKINI #ATHLETE #NPC #FUTUREPRO #WATCH #GOVCUP

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I am currently on prep for the San Jose Championships on July 1st at the Santa Clara Convention Center followed by USA Championships on July 29, 2017 in Las Vegas. This is a National show where I have the potential to earn my Pro Card which is my main goal and focus at the moment.

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