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I started competing after I first went to a bodybuilding show, the Arnold Classic Brazil in 2014. When I saw the athletes close enough I went back home thinking "I can do that". And two months later I was on a bodybuilding stage for the first time. After that never stopped competing. So, I've been competing for two years now. Started in Brazil in the Wellness category for IFBB stepping on stage for the first time in Jun 2014. During Mr. Olympia in 2014, I participated on the Fitness Model Search in Las Vegas and decided that I needed to focus my career outside of Brazil. In November the same year I did my first official competition in the United States in Miami, FL now for the WBFF as a Diva Fitness competitor and got 4th place.

In April 2015 I stepped on WBFF stage again, now in the city of Orlando, where I consecrated myself Diva Fitness Champion winning 1st place and also the Pro Status Card. In August 2015 I did my first Pro Competition on the WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas, competing with more than 70 Professional Divas Fitness. Recently I just got back from my second Pro Show, this time in Toronto, Canada, also the WBFF Worlds where I got Top 15 amongst all the Divas Fitness in the world. I am currently preparing for my second Pro Show this year that's gonna be held on December, in Atlantic City.

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My body has always gotten real good results with high protein, low carb diets. So when I'm in a pre-contest phase pretty much all my carb intake comes from very low glycemic carb like oatmeal, vegetables and maybe some brown rice. As far as protein intake on pre contest I try to eat only white fish cause I think it works better for and really helps me get that very thin skin we need on stage. And fat! Hahahaa! On an off season I try to stay as lean as possible, because I just like that look better, but allowing myself a little more as far as diet goes. So I try to keep my protein intake with fish, chicken and occasionally some lean red meat or ground turkey. I do go higher on carbs and fats. My favorite source of fat is almond butter and I always go for the most natural version of it, no added oils, sugar or salt. My carb intake stays with oatmeal, vegetable, brown rice, quinoa and cassava.

The one I can remember that was really negative for me was, before a certain competition I did this diet for 4 weeks eating 100g of fish for lunch and dinner and all the other meals were just 6 egg whites. I also did not use salt during this period. I got very lean, but it was way too suffering and I didn't get the right physique for stage cause I was just too depleted. I got lean but saggy. Specially because on the last 2 days before stage I did not drink water at all. I literally would put water on my mouth and just spit it out. That was an awful experience. After that particular I show I said to myself I would never compete again if that was what it took. But then I studied more, saw that I did a lot of things the wrong way, got myself a coach that knew what he was doing, and next competition I did I got first place!

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Since I like to stay lean year round, cardio is a must for me. It's always included in my training program. The only difference is during pre contest I only do steady cardio and usually for at least 30 min. I do it twice a day, one fasted and one before my weight lifting. During off season, since I have higher calorie intake and I don't need to worry so much about preserving the most muscle mass possible, I can alter from fasted, to steady to HIIT cardio. And it's during off season that I really can test my body and see what are the best responses I can get, so I do test a lot. Sometimes I do fasted steady cardio. Lately I've trying some interval fasted training. It's not HIIT per say cause it's hard to reach maximum effort when you're fasted, but just doing some interval sprints on the treadmill is really working. The lifting part doesnt change much during pre contest and off season, because I'm constantly trying to better my weak points and go for the perfect physique for my category. And as building muscles and details is not as easy as cutting fat, it's a long term work.

I've always been a stage person. I used to be a dancer from the time I was 13 until 21 years old and did performances all over Brazil. So stage was always a natural thing to me. I don't get anxious at all, it is actually one of the best parts of competing for me.

I think besides being on stage, my favorite part is definitely the backstage. I just have so much fun on it. Cause when you're backstage there isn't much more to worry about or do. You've already did your best, makeup and hair is ready, you're all geared up in the bikini, heels, now all you can do its just enjoy. I see some girls backstage really worried and stressed about the outcome of the competition, but I think that's just unnecessary concern. Now it's the time to be proud of what you did and just enjoy as hard as you can. I always try to make a little party on the backstage. Particularly on my last competition, the 2016 WBFF Worlds in Toronto, I brought a small (but potent) speaker with me! It was the most fun ever. During the entrances we have to wait a long time, so I just out on some music and me and a lot of other athletes just started dancing like it was an actual party! Cause it was! It felt really good! Cause we are competing against each other, we are competing against our old selves, so all the ladies there should be friends and be able to have fun together! And that's what it was!

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I plan on continue to compete because I think it's a huge internal growth everytime you go through a pre contest. You have to say no to so many things, you really empower youself. So definitely continue hitting the stage. The next one will probably be the year, anywhere around April. On the other hand, just trying my best to keep showing people how amazing and fun living a healthy and balanced life can be. Hopefully I'll do a great job on it!!

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