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Alyx: I decided to get into competing to build muscle and challenge myself, as a runner I've always been active but gaining muscle was a challenge! As a slow gainer, I've learned and evolved my lifting style over the years to best suit my physique and allow for minimal lifting time in the gym. Currently I lift 6 or 7 days a week, hitting one or two muscle groups per lift. I target trouble areas multiple times a week, varying higher rep ranges, with low rep ranges, and mixing in a good amount of plyometrics and endurance drills to make sure the muscle I do grow is functional to my movement. I also find consistent flexibility work thru Yoga and Ballet to be an asset towards keeping my "gains" functional as an athlete.

Off season and show prep meals are pretty similar for me, whole real foods, 6 to 7 times a day! Chicken, turkey, fish, green veggies, fruits, grains like wheat, rice, and quinoa are are dietary staples! Living in Hawaii, makes fresh fruits a staple and a consistent luxury, so that is my go to for a cheat meal or a carb source! For a "dirty" cheat you can find me indulging in a good quality burger or baked good! I am a sucker for a giant chocolate chip cookie, topped with ice cream! However, over the years I have learned my body responds best to cleaner cheats such as a steak and baked potato, so 9 times out of 10 if I have a refeed or cheat meal I skip over the processed foods, for clean balanced nutrition.

I have found the most effective meal plan is consistently adhering to one! So many people try to stick to one way of eating or another, for a week or two and then expect their body to dramatically transform. It takes years of consistency to build a highly refined metabolism that adapts to nutritional changes rapidly. Currently I am able to prep and lose weight at numbers that would have most women my weight gaining adipose tissue, however with consistency, clean diet, and hard training it is possible to show prep within healthy caloric ranges.

Alyx Ulbrich wins the 2014 NPC West Coast Classic Open Figure Overall Championship. is my go to source for all of my supplementation! Right now I take a multivitamin, two types of protein, and a sleep aid. Generally, I feel if someone has a well balanced diet, supplementation is just that, an extra that helps the areas you may need assistance in. For a gal on the go, a scoop of protein is a meal in a bind, a multivitamin is great for consistency and avoiding the common cold, and the natural sleep aid helps me get my much needed rest when my husband is deployed.

I lift 6 to 7 days a week year around and mix up my cardio with a variety of outdoor activities, including running, swimming, biking, paddle boarding, hiking, and just about anything else outdoors I can find to do! I've learned boredom is the enemy and anything you can do to keep the gym fresh and cardio fun is a valuable asset towards longevity as an athlete. It is important to remember you will not stick to something you don't enjoy, so seek activities you enjoy and learn how to manipulate them to reach your physique goals. Having an ideal body goal is not enough to maintain a lifetime of hard workouts! They must be something you enjoy doing!

Contest time is full of excitement for me! I am always so excited to share the package I've worked so hard to create! I don't ever remember stepping on stage and not being excited about the journey to get there. Each workout, each meal, each moment of prep teaches you volumes about yourself, and your ability to overcome challenges along the way. Competing is just a fun celebration of the journey you took the last few months or years to get there!

I am currently training for WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas August 15th 2015, and Ironman Cozumel Nov 29th! As a multi sport athlete, I have learned that rest, recovery, quality training sessions, and flawless nutrition are key!

Alyx Ulbrich
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Alyx Ulbrich

Alyx Ulbrich