Alyssa Damiano - Figure Competitor

My fitness journey began in 2015 when I had finally beaten anorexia and put on a decent amount of weight. I spent the first year doing ineffective workouts and running on a treadmill. About a year ago, I switched gyms, started taking training more seriously, and decided to hire a coach. My coach put me into a pretty strict off season and we decided that I was going to compete in August of 2017.

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Diet off season vs. pre contest: My diet honestly doesn't change much. The meals get smaller, but the foods stay relatively the same. The only things I lose in prep are fruit, peanut butter, and protein shakes which I get all of my offseason. Carbs and fats go lower as well, and I lose a couple of ounces of protein. I'm actually insulin resistant, so my carbs stay fairly low all year as it is. I have found that unlike most lucky people, dirty refeeds don't work for me. I can't do your stereotypical burger and fries, I just get extra rice or rice cakes as a refeed and that works much better for my body.

I train 6 days a week, and during prep, I do an hour of fasted cardio and 45 min post workout every day. In the offseason I don't do cardio at all. Maybe 20 min every other day of low intensity if my coach tells me to.

I wouldn't say that I built up the self-confidence to do it, I more so just decided that I work way too hard to hide what I've built.

I had such a great experience at my first show. Both of my classes were stacked with amazing and extremely supportive girls. I had a great support system in the audience and back stage with me. The set up of the show was great, and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.

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Being an athlete affects my relationships more than my life. There are a ton of people that will never understand or support this sport, so they get frustrated when you can't skip the gym or your meals to go out. However, the people you meet through this sport make that all worth it.

I plan to spend every off season and every prep just constantly improving. There is no end goal for me other than being consistently better at every aspect of this sport.


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