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Alison: This is my first competition, and I'm really excited! I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease on December 18, 2013. I started CrossFit 2 weeks later, and have been training consistently since. I changed to bodybuilding in February, and I can't believe how much my body has changed!

Diet: If anything, I'm eating more regularly than I was before. So, my off-season diet will be very similar to on-season, with the exception of a glass of wine smile emoticon. I've found the combination of higher protein, healthy fats and low carbs (I also don't eat gluten, which is great for my overalll health) has been the most effective way for me to gain muscle. I didn't have a lot of fat to lose, but that's mainly because my metabolism was already high from weight training, and my medication sometimes makes me nauseous, so eating was a struggle. Getting on a 6 small meals a day plan (I think I'm eating around 1,800 calories?) has been the most beneficial for me. I've never really tried a competition diet before, but I've seen lots that are high in processed foods, and generally unhealthy. I prefer a more healthy approach - whole foods with the addition of quality protein powder.

Building self-confidence to compete: Well, that's a work in progress! I'm doing this not only for me, but also to spread the message to others with Parkinson's Disease - or any chronic illness - that the diagnosis does not define you. Your life stops when you stop living. So my confidence is coming from what I feel is an important message to spread - and I feel proud to represent my fellow Young Onset Parkinson's Disease warriors!

Training: I do basic bodypart splits: legs twice a week (emphasis on Glutes and Hamstrings on one day), Calves twice a week, Abs 3 times a week, Back once a week, Chest and Shoulders once a week, and Biceps/Triceps once a week. I do two sessions of HIIT cardio (5 minutes warmup, 15 minute intervals, and 10 minutes cool down) per week, and since the show is a little over 3 weeks away, my coach has added three 20 minute steady state cardio sessions per week as well. My diet hasn't been an issue at all - I don't feel hungry, and I have more energy than ever!

I'd like to keep competing, and earn my pro card. I also want to work with people with Parkinson's and other illnesses to encourage, motivate and inspire them to move. Because I truly believe that Exercise is Medicine.

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