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I had always been involved in some form of competition for the majority of my life from gymnastics, to collegiate field hockey. When I found myself without anything to challenge myself with I turned to the gym and gave competing in figure a try. I started out in OCB in 2009 and won first, I then decided to switch to the NPC and followed my dream of turning pro in 2017.

I'll combine #tbthursday and #flashbackfriday there is an 8 year difference in these pictures. Left was when it was all just a dream, right was the morning before heading to jr usas and making my dream real #ifbbfigure #ifbbpro #npc #npcfigure

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Years in the past were always so hard for me. I had a hard time finding a balance between food, workouts and a normal life. It has taken me many years but with the right guidance, education and support I have been able to be on point in an offseason with carbs to switching to pre contest with low to minimal carbs and more fats. I am able to grow in an off season with high calories, and a good balance of macros and this year have been able to keep a low amount of bodyfat.

I have gone through many types of prep diets. One that stands out in my mind was the very beginning. I lost a lot of weight very quick, seemed very soft still and starved. Due to the low calories I gained weight back very fast and never saw lasting benefits. Over the years I have learned and gained more and more confidence. In the beginning I was scared to death, the auditorium would become a blur and I would shake like crazy.

Over the years I believed more and more in myself and learned to listen and watch. Watch the crowd and the judges reactions and to listen to what is being said. And above all else own it and smile. Lifting right now is specific to bodyparts that need the changes. I do a lot of sets and challenge myself in weight. I love training with guys because I want to lift like them and it pushes me harder. Cardio is steady state for 30 min 5x a day. My diet does not change per what I'm training I just eat to lift.

Have you ever felt like everything was just going right? Like you were meant to be there and do what you do best. That's how it was when I won the overall at Borderklash and won my pro card at jr USAs. There was an eerie calmness all day and a feeling I have never felt. Like I was on top of the world. I was the dark horse that year twice. No one expected me but everyone treated me differently. I do believe that I am the way that I am because I have been an athlete my entire life. From my attitude towards life to my complete discipline. I have always been competitive and wanted to be the best.

For now I am recovering from hip surgery but plan on making my pro debut in the next year or 2. I am not finished yet!

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