Alicia Bell - Figure Competitor

I have always been a life long athlete and it all just fell into place. One day I was done with competitive sports and wanted something to compete in and it just seemed like the next step. I was always lifting with track and field so I found the transition really easy. I also took Kinesiology in University so I could understand human movement in sport and fitness better. And now that's what I do as a career as well.

Diet off season vs. pre contest: I'm not one of those on season or off season people. I do so much and am in so involved in the fitness industry I try and stay fit all year long. I probably drink a little less water when I'm not training for a competition. Other than that I eat pretty clean. I will allow myself more cheats in the off season and sometimes they end up being clean cheats like a steak and baked potato. Other times I enjoy pizza or sushi with my boyfriend.

Failed diet: I'm not so great at keto. Having no carbs makes me feel like Iím starving. And end up eating carbs any way. I also am not that great at meal prep so I usually order from companies. But now my boyfriend cooks all of our meal prep. His food tastes so good and he loves cooking. I am super grateful.

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Training: A little bit of overtaking depending on what the specific goals are. Quite well it's all about organization and timing. I don't need to gain any m ore muscle so I do a lot of high rep lifts. I also do HIIT in the mornings on different machines and steady state in the evenings. I always time eating every 3 hours but sometimes it ends up being too because I'm always hungry.

I have always been very confident. I am very competitive and love the feeling of success. I always want to do my best so I know that confidence on stage is definitely something that I have to have. I also practice practice practice. You can never been too prepared.

I recently came 5th at Ontario Natural Provincials. I was so much more muscular than the other girls in my class so I am switching to open. I'm excited to see how I stack up with those girls. I love always trying to learn and grow and it's what makes the sport fun for me.

Future plans: Win my IFBB pro card! Own my own gym. Develop a huge online following and move most of my business online. Oh and get married :)

Alicia Bell
BSc Kinesiology
Certified Personal Trainer
NCCP Sprint and Hurdle Coach
Fascial Stretch Therapist
Ryerson University Head Track Coach
Team Trex Prep Coach
Instagram: @trainitirhgt

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