Alexa Floria - IFBB Figure Pro

* A New IFBB Figure Pro, 2017 North American Open Figure Overall Winner

Alexa: Before I started competing I was a heavier girl, always played tons of sports and was athletic my entire life but was always on the heavier side. I moved to Hawaii for college and honestly just kept getting bigger and bigger and unhappier with my life. About May 2015 I decided to make a change. I cleared out my pantry, bought a whole new tons of food, and just started to attempt to lift. I pretty much went "cold turkey" and gave my 100% effort until I was happy with my weight loss. Then, I started to see muscle definition and it was all over. I was hooked. My friend from high school was into competing and he told me that I should do a show, so he helped me get in with his coach in January 2016 and in April I did my first NPC show, which was the Emerald Cup in Seattle.

Alexa Floria

My diet between contests doesn't change too much, I just incorporate more red meats and a few more fats and just simply more quantity of the food that I eat in contest prep. I have found that sticking to white meats and simple carb sources is what works best for me. My body does pretty well on carbs so I never dip too low except during peak week. The plan that doesn't work for me is almost zero carbs and extremely high cardio, did that one before USA's 2016 and it failed miserably. They weren't effective because I "cardio'ed" away all my muscle.
My training is pretty simple, it consists of lifting 6-7 days a week and doing cardio probably about 5 days a week.

I had an amazing experience at this last show, the check in process wasn't long and tedious, it went quite fast and all of the promoters and staff were wonderful. Prejudging was a little lagging with the time, but once we got on stage it was a quick judge! The stage wasn't too hot and the lights were not too bright, it was very nice. Finals went extremely smooth, I was blown out of the water with my placing and absolutely didn't expect it at all.

I built the self confidence by going to Andre Scott's Posing Perfection posing classes regularly, and by doing a warm up show this year that I won the overall at, I totally attribute my success on the national stage to that show because it really boosted my confidence after my complete failure at the last national show that I did.

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Being an athlete affects my life in all types of ways, I have to work my entire schedule around it. My work schedule revolves around my training and eating schedule, and it takes quite a toll on my relationship during prep but we survive through it, he supports me so much. But I wouldn't trade anything for the world, I love what I do. I honestly enjoy dieting and having structure to my life, it keeps me balanced and sane.

My future plans include taking some time off, and taking time to build some more shape and become competitive in the pro leagues.


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