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Follow up with Alena Valastnykh.

Alena: I'm Belorussian born bikini athlete, fitness model and personal trainer based in Milan. I've been modeling before for almost 10 years. Unfortunately I've been constantly starving myself to maintain that model's skinny body that caused me suffering from eating disorder. In order to overcome my sickness I've started to search for the solution and ended up with fitness lifestyle. So no longer I had to kill myself FAD dieting but rather eating healthy and lift heavy. I felt in love with muscles, beat bulimia, changed my job into personal training and decided to compete.

I'm competing for almost a 3 years now. So I've tried many ways to lose fat and build muscles. From season to season I've learned to listening to my body and discovering what really works for me. We all different. My diet and workout plans might not be suitable for another competitor. For instance in my offseason I'm not doing cardio as I'm hard gainer and losing my muscles very quickly. My offseason aerobics is moving lots like walking, dancing and taking stares instead of elevator.
For a competition diet I personally need a lean bulk phase to build muscles and then shredding. In my offseason I'm trying to eat clean. I'm not a big fan of fixed cheat day as I think I'm not a dog to deserve treats. I've learned to cook a really good fitness variation of regular desserts that taste quite same, so it's not about restriction but rather being smart enough to substitute "bad meals" with healthy versions.
Sometimes I afford myself a glass of a good red wine. I live in Italy and it is part of culture you know.

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I've tried a ketonic diet and it definitely didn't work for me. Even on definition I'm keep eating complex carbs maybe just a 50-70 gr but still having them.

Training: My plan is quite classical. First is bulking phase that you eat good carbs/fat/protein balanced meals and lift heavy and as I mentioned before I'm not doing cardio. Then I slightly decreasing my daily calories intakes and introducing some light cardio mixed with HIIT twice a week something like that. On the final chapter I'm decreasing carbs and increasing cardio like an hour a day but it always depends on my body's condition.

I've got a modeling background. I've done my first Beauty Contest "Miss Belarus" in the age of 17, so I'm basically feeling home on stage.

I'm really enjoying my prep, every part of it because it makes me learn lots about my body. I became stronger and stronger not just physically but mentally too. I'm challenging my limits and overcoming fears. That's incredible feeling. I don't compare myself with other girls but rather focus on my own progress. I like the backstage atmosphere. I've made lots of friends competing. It's so exciting to meet people with the same lifestyle and mind as yours.

I've just done one contest and currently 3 weeks out from another. I'm not sure if I'll be competing again in 2017 as I feel like this is a right time focusing more on my career as a coach and simply enjoying normal life (always fitted into fitness of course), traveling, going out with friends, learn something new and setting a new different from competition goals. As you know competing is not easy and it takes lots of time, sacrifice and dedication but everything I do in life I do with love and passion.

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