Aisling Speight - Figure Competitor

My name is Aisling Speight, I have always trained 3-4 times a week, but started training seriously last year in May after I broke my ankle playing girls AFL. The injury left me with a plate and 11 pins in my ankle and during my 3 month recovery I swore to myself that I would get myself back into shape and put more energy and effort into my training then I ever had before. I decided to compete 4 months ago after my final surgery on my ankle (to have the plate and 11 pins removed).

My diet before starting my comp prep was not very good! I counted calories and would eat inconsistently. I often skipped breakfast and liked to drink a lot on weekends. I now count my macros and eat 5 meals a day. I have experienced amazing results from changing my eating habits, I consume more calories then I used to, however I am fuelling my body with the right foods. I make sure I get a good balance of protein, fats and carbs each day.

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This is the first time I have competed so therefore I have no other diet plans to compare this one to. However, I have found this diet plan has really worked for me. I have had more then enough fuel in my body to keep my energy up during gym sessions and my daily work life. I am an instructor at the Royal Australian Navy Recruit School, therefore it is extremely important I have high levels of energy throughout the day. I have found the diet plan simple and easy to follow, but at the same time I have experienced amazing results. I started my comp prep at 57kg and I am now 51kg with more muscle mass.

I only do weights training. I don’t do HIIT or any other sort of cardio in the gym. My job involves running occasionally and I have found during my comp prep that my cardio vascular ability has improved despite doing no cardio in the gym. I am training 3 days on then every 4th CCC day is a rest day. My weights sessions take between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes depending on what I am training on the day. Despite being 2 weeks out from my first comp, I still feel energetic and I am lifting simular weights to when I was at a bigger weight.

When I decided to enter this sport, I really just wanted to get up on stage and look like I belonged up there. I had a big fear that my legs would still have cellulite when I got on stage and that I would not be able to get lean enough to look like a proper fitness model. As the weeks have gone on and I have gotten closer to my competition, I have seen amazing changes in my body. I am now extremely confident to get up on stage, and already feel like I deserve to be standing next to the other hard working girls who are up there with me.

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This is first season of competing. I am competing in 4 competitions.
• Bendigo Classic-WFF Figure Class 2 (under 50kg), WFF Greenhorn Sports Model,
• INBA-Fitness Novice, INBA VIC Sports model Open, INBA VIC Sports Figure,
• ANB-VIC Fitness Novice, ANB Fitness Open,
• ANB-Nationals Fitness Novice, ANB Fitness Open.
I am doing quite a few categories in my first season which is both exciting and nerve racking. I am really enjoying the journey and have met some really amazing people. People have been extremely supportive and encouraging in this sport. I love the shared passion people have for the sport and have loved learning more about the industry and the competitions.

I plan to continue doing more competitions in the future. I love training and I have found the dieting side fairly easy therefore I will continue to enter more competitions in the future and see where this sport can take me physically. I am very new, but based on what I have already seen of the sport, I would love to continue to do this in the future.


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