Adriana Hart - Bikini Competitor

I started to compete when I stumbled across stage shots from a bikini competitor on Instagram. I was always into fitness and never competed in anything before. I just knew I wanted to try it. That competitor I wound up hiring as my coach, Casey Samsel.

Off season I find myself eating higher carbs and my sugar intake can be higher. I also can indulge in a cheat meal here and there. When on prep I stick closely to the macro plan my coach gives me which changes weekly with progress. If progress is good I may get a burger and fries night. My sugar is reduced and I try and keep sodium and water consistent. The best way to be successful is to listen to your coach!
I'm a big fan of IIFYM. I've tried clean eating and it is very effective. However I like to be able to switch up my diet if I need to.

Adriana Hart

Training changes weekly. My coach has incorporated fasted cardio, hiit, conditioning, steady state cardio and weight lifting. It changes on a weekly basis according to my progress

My confidence comes from my coach, my sister and brother and a couple of very close friends. My coach is the most supportive coach and friend that anyone can have. She is extremely dedicated to every pet of my prep and is always aware of problems that may arise in my personal life. I could never have stuck with competing had I not hired the most genuine and best coach around.

I always find shows to be mindblowing. It starts with tons of nerves, then excitement and usually back to nerves again. Once prejudging is over there is always a sense of calm and hopefully pleasure depending on how well you did. Regardless at the end of every show I have ever done I always leave planning my attack for my next show.

My goal is to get nationally qualified this year and hopefully compete in a national show. I willl not compete in a national show unless I'm 100% happy with my physique and any improvements I needed to make were achieved.


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