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Physique competitions are divided into five divisions: Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini. Competitors are judged on muscle tone, symmetry and presentation.
The contest is a marvelous display of strength, discipline, elegance, well-being and overall health. It is perfect for women who strive to show off their hard work in a feminine way.

"There is something extremely empowering about pouring all your efforts into yourself. Life is always full of ups and downs, rights and wrongs, and taking different pathways. There are few times in life that we truly have control of ourselves and which direction we are headed. Competing for me has been a way to give myself just that. Competing has been a way for me to realize that I can have control of my body, the efforts I put into growing it and feeding it, only I can do that. This feeling is empowering. This feeling develops confidence." - Gabriela Ruma, Physique Competitor.

More Athletes: Bikini Figure Physique Bodybuilding

Daniely Castilho - Arnold Classic Champion 2017
Autumn Swansen - Arnold Classic Champion 2016
Dani Reardon - IFBB Physique Pro
Brooke Walker - IFBB Physique Pro

Gia Macool - WBFF Pro
Lauren Lee - Figure
Tiffany Chandler - IFBB Fitness Pro
Marjie Loyola-Fortney - IFBB Physique Pro
Chantal Williams - Bikini
Andrea Wallace - Bikini
Erin Juarez - Bikini
Cindy Hauser - Bikini
Maria Ruszkowski - Figure
KatLynne Matusak - Bikini
Emma Bowman - WFF Pro
Kristi Parrotte - Figure
Melody Wakelin - Body Transformation
Sydona Tregoning - Bikini
Patience Rye - Figure
Gabriela Ruma - Physique
Tawnya Cline - IPL Bikini Pro - update
Tammy Streich - WBFF Pro - update
Selma Labat - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Jeannie Paparone - Pro Bodybuilder - update
Haley Neal - Bikini
Isabella Feijo - Strong Woman Athlete
Annie Minkler - IPL Bikini Pro
Daisy Williams-Mangieri - WNBF Pro
Brandy Fox - Obstacle Course Racer !
Anne Mariquita - Pole Dancer !
Anastasia Skukhtorova - Pole Dancer !

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Alyx Ulbrich - WBFF Pro
Olena Lohvynyuk - WBFF Pro
Cristina Silva - WBFF Pro
Enjoli Enriquez - IFBB Pro
Stella Roberts - IFBB Pro
Dana Tracy - IFBB Pro
Keisha Mckenzie - IFBB Pro
Haleigh Beecroft - IFPA Pro
Vaso Kitmiridis - WBFF Pro
Sara Fadziewicz - WBFF Pro
Tammy Baines - PNBA Pro
Margarita Veverica - NAC Champion
Vanessa Yepez
Lauren Long
Alena Valastnykh
Stephanie Muzos
Lauren Mercer
Alayna Machacek
Katrina Massa
Kristina Kuprescenkaite
Nana Al Haleq
Diana Maybrook

Competition Prep e-Books

Glutes Guide Glutes Guide
By Justine Albert,
IFPA Pro and NPC Figure Competitor

Biceps WorkoutBiceps Guide
By Mindi O'Brien,

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Hamstring Guide Hamstring Guide
By Eleathia Harding,
Figure Competitor

Back Guide Back Guide
By Morisa Conner,
NPC Physique Competitor

Shoulders WorkoutShoulders Guide
By Dekel Nesbitt,
Figure Competitor

Chest Training Guide Chest Training
By Daisy Williams-Mangieri,

Preventing injury in female bodybuilders Preventing injury in female bodybuilders
By Coby VandenBerg
MS, LAT, ATC, CES Athletic Trainer